White Denim Jacket Remix

White denim. Not something I usually gravitate to, much less thought I would ever be remixing. When it’s a jacket made from white denim (excuse me, ecru) it just happens to become my new favorite layering piece. Denim jackets are staples and what’s more summer than white denim? Therefore I now have a justifiable summer staple! Thankfully, it’s not pants so there’s less of a chance for me to sit in something.

white denim jacket remix style ideas :: www.hayesdays.com
scarf:: Shelley Bee Originals Clearance jacket:: J.Crew belt:: J.Crew dress:: Target (similar) shoes:: J.Crew
white denim jacket remix style ideas :: www.hayesdays.comwhite denim jacket remix style ideas :: www.hayesdays.comwhite denim jacket remix style ideas :: www.hayesdays.comwhite denim jacket remix style ideas :: www.hayesdays.com

For all intensive purposes, this week’s outfit and last weeks outfit are pretty much the same. This outfit also features some heavily remixed items, like the dress, belt, and scarf. To me, that just proves these items immense wearability and value to me in my closet. It could also be that belting a shirtdress is the only sensible option in this heat and humidity. Oy! It’s been brutal these past two weeks. Thus why the jacket is actually off in the last picture. It’s perfect for layering on at the office though, or protecting somewhat from the surprise late summer thunderstorms that are common in the South.

This was the first time I wore the calf hair martinas too. Oh are they amazing. I’ve worn them at least once a week since then and they sit on a bench in my bedroom so I can look at them every day. I think I’m in love!

Do you have a white denim jacket? How do you style it? How do you keep coffee off of it? But seriously…

white denim jacket remix style ideas :: www.hayesdays.com
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  1. Love that whole look! I have a white denim jacket that I forgot about until now! Denim jackets are a fall staple for me, but I always bring something for my arms when I go anywhere with A/C, so I'll bust out my white while there's still summer left.

  2. I love white everything, and you are right, the denim jacket is the perfect three season piece. I wear mine to death, and don't have any reservations about remixing the heck out of your wardrobe – what is better than a well loved piece?

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I love both of my jean jackets that I now own. They are kind of childhood throwbacks for me.

  4. My only remixing reservation is that there are other things in my closet that I should be wearing but I pass them up. Probably should just get rid of them… I'm so loving this jacket. I'm trying to figure out a way to wear it into winter.

  5. Thank you Angelica!! It was super comfortable. I wear my dark denim one all year, but I was excited to add this white one for spring next year and summer. I'm hoping to figure a way to work it in all year though. White in winter is so pretty to me.

  6. Great jacket and I adore those shoes! I would be wearing them once a week, too!

  7. Thanks Laura! They were on my wishlist for so long and I was so happy to find that I loved them just as much once I got them. I hate being disappointed in a wishlist item.

  8. Those shoes!!! I love them. I have a similar pair from Target, and they just aren't very comfortable, but I love them anyway!

  9. Thank you! Haha! I think I know the style! I had them for a split second and they were too uncomfortable for me to justify keeping so I kept looking. Thankfully this pair came along. It's hard not to love leopard, right?

  10. Yeah it took a while to find them in my price range. I adore them though! Thanks! I thought the red added a nice pop.

  11. Awwww Thank you for always being such a sweet and encouraging friend! You're the best!

  12. Haha! Thanks Kaitlin! You should pick this jacket up. It's from our favorite place to spend money. 🙂

  13. Thanks Tiffany! And it was a last minute decision to add the scarf. I'm glad I did!

  14. Thanks for linking up! I love a denim jacket with a casual dress like you've styled in both looks here. And they definitely both work well. I have a black and white striped dress and hadn't though to pair it with a leopard belt. That might have to go on my future outfits list. 🙂 Thanks and hope to see you back next week.