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I know what you’re thinking– “There’s new stuff? Where?” Trust me, if it wasn’t my blog and I didn’t spend time on it each day I wouldn’t notice either. The changes are small, but I hope they help for better navigation and make it easier for you to find what you want on my blog!

best blog sponsorship resources :: www.hayesdays.com

CATEGORIES:: The categories under the header have changed. “About me” and “Contact” are still there, but there are new categories for my posts. Of course, “Disney” is still there (and will be coming full force next month while I’m there), but the other umbrellas for my posts are now “Lifestyle,” “Outfits,” and “Projects.” Style was a little too broad and so many of my posts were falling into that category when they really needed to be separated. Anything related to a beauty routine, products, tips, and any personal posts will be under lifestyle now. Outfits is just for, well, outfits. Projects will be projects around the house, blog– anything that lends itself to being creative.

DISCLOSURE:: In an effort to be as professional as possible, I’m trying to be clearer about the necessary disclosure notifications. You will find my statement linked in my sidebar, sponsorship page, and about me page. Also I’ve been trying to remember to put notification about affiliate links near my affiliate links.

SPONSOR:: Another new spot on the pages bar is my Sponsorship tab. I’m offering two sizes and a swap right now. Thanks a million to the swappers so far that have been brave enough to be my first! Make sure you check out Mommy by the Sea, Fearlessly Authentic, Urban Cashmere, and Lost & Fawned. I hope this is the start of bigger things to come! There are some fantastic bloggers out there that have the best tips. These are the posts that I got the most information from:

Three things to focus on to help you have a kick butt sponsorship program!
via Jana
Jana has amazing tips for organization, promotion, and communication. She also goes in depth with Hootsuite and Passionfruit Ads. She was even so sweet to send me a link to her sponsor checklist! That’s the kind of blogger you want to sponsor!
via Rachel
Rachel has three great tips that I pondered over for probably weeks before setting up my sponsor page. I think they’re perfect for any budding blogger. She has also found three great resources for printables to keep you organized. 
6 Tips To Start Sponsorship On Your Blog
via Rachel
The last round of tips also comes from a Rachel, but a different one. Her tips are short and sweet and the ones to keep in mind through your entire journey. One is even to quit if it gets overwhelming. She also recommends the buffer app for social media management.
I found all of these amazing blogs via their pinterest pages. It’s where I get most of my blog advice. Check out my “for the blog” pinterest board for more people that know more about blogging than I probably will ever dream to.

Follow Meghan Hayes’s board for the blog on Pinterest.

What do you think about the changes? Do you have any tips for a blogger who is on a steep learning curve?

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  1. Ill have to take a look at the blog sponsorship links you provided! I have swapped some buttons actually awhile ago!

  2. Fabulous links – I will be checking these out. I haven't really done a lot of digging into sponsorships. It's an area that can be a bit intimidating!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  3. I seriously need to get a handle on my blogging. These last two weeks have majorly kicked my butt. I love seeing your space change and grow! You're amazing, darling!

  4. Oooh my Macbook has been on the fritz and had to get it repaired so this is my first time seeing this. I would love to swap with you!