What I Pack for Disney + FREE Packing List Printable

Whether you enjoy it or not, packing is most likely the most stressful part of going on vacation. You’re about packing too much, too little. Then there’s the inevitable ” I forgot…” moment. This trip I remembered almost everything. Forgot my eyeliner, but thankfully, had my Birchbox+Benefit party box (more on that next week) which had their new “They’re Real” liner in it. Though there’s always the option to buy items when you reach your destination, you always hate to spend vacation money on things you have at home.

Here are the five things I always pack first to make sure I have and I gave it a shot and created a free printable blank packing list for packing planning!

1. Camera + Extra Memory Card and Battery:: Even though phones have great cameras on them, there are still some moments that you want to look the absolute best and a nice DSLR or interchangeable lens camera. Make sure you have an extra memory card and battery too since you’ll be away from an outlet all day.
2. Umbrella + Poncho:: Either/or but make sure you pack at least one! It rains almost every day in Orlando.
3. Blister care items:: As much as I would love to think there are shoes out there that won’t make blisters, I don’t think they really exist. So make sure you have blister bandaids and my personal favorite, moleskin.
4. Cast Member thank yous:: I’ll be posting about these at capturingmagic.me  soon, but just something small, usually handmade– and you wouldn’t believe how excited cast members get to receive these sweet sentiments. It’s a great way to show them you appreciate the extra magic.
5. Portable phone charger:: I take two with me because I’m always on my phone at Disney and running several apps at once, checking wait times, taking pictures, posting pictures. If you have a portable phone charger, you can charge and travel at the same time and not be tethered to a wall or spend time trying to find an outlet.
So those are the five items I never leave behind, pretty much for any vacation I’m on. There are tons of great detailed packing lists out there for Disney vacations, but I understand that every family is different, so I created a free blank list to help you plan what you need to pack! Check off each “Mickey” as you pack the item. What do you never leave home without when you’re headed on vacation?

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