Using a Travel Agent & Airbnb

The two don’t seem to go together: Travel Agent and Airbnb. Most travelers think you can’t use one with the other, but there are three ways that you can still use the expertise of a travel agent and stay in your dream Airbnb.

Let’s dispel that myth, shall we? First, there are travel agents that charge a fee and will cover every little detail from A to Z of your trip. That can get expensive and that’s not who we’re talking about here. We’re chatting about fee free agents, like me, who can assist with other parts of your trip if you like to stay in Airbnbs. I get it. There were times when Airbnb was the best fit for me. Sometimes there’s nothing like getting the feeling of home abroad and also experiencing that local feel. There’s also nothing quite like a travel adviser having your back in the following situations though:

Corey and I would have missed this light snowfall that happened at our airbnb in Hopewell Junction, NY if we had chosen to stay in a hotel in nearby Newburgh, NY

Travel Insurance

If you travel without it, consider a few instances where travel insurance can give you peace of mind:

  • coverage for lost luggage
  • coverage for trip delays
  • coverage for emergency medical services
  • coverage for emergency medivac
  • coverage for trip cancellation

These are just a few situations. There are even plans that cover if your pet passes away. Most travel cards do include some insurance for your purchases, and in most cases (thankfully) that’s more than enough. For those moments when it’s not, a travel adviser can assist in guiding you to the right plan to cover most situations that may arise.

Corey and I prepped breakfast every morning in our Greenwich, London, England Airbnb, saving us from having to purchase a meal every morning


There is a myth that it costs more for a travel agent to book your flights, so let’s dispel that one too. It doesn’t. Plain and simple. It can but just like it can cost more if you book your flights at a time when they’re not at their lowest. A travel agent will watch for the best time to buy your flight. You can also package it with transfers to and from your Airbnb for an even better deal, especially when Ubering isn’t an option and you may land and have to haggle for a taxi.


Still want that heart of Paris feel, but don’t want to wait an hour in line for tickets to the Eiffel Tower and then another hour to use them? Travel Agents can arrange tours for you even if you’re staying at an Airbnb. There are all kinds of places to arrange tours (even though the Airbnb app), but you want to make sure you’re getting the most reputable ones that are the best value. Tours can include all sorts of package deals, but the most important thing is front of the line access. It saves so much time and maximizes your time on your days off if you’re not spending them waiting in line. However, there’s nothing to speed up that line for a fresh hot buttery croissant. It’s still worth waiting for though.

Tours, transportation, and travel insurance are all ways a travel agent can have your back even if you want to book your own Airbnb.

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image courtesy of Airbnb

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