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Corey and me

Sunday is rapidly drawing to a close and there are still four items on my to do list to get done. It may not happen. What I am going to do is procrastinate and take a minute to share a little slice of my life.

Currently I’m::
Reading:: unfortunately, nothing at the moment. throw some extra time my way so I can finish the four books partially started beside my bed.
Writing:: my blog posts for the week! I know it’s super ambitious, but I’m trying to stay ahead. key word it trying.
Listening:: to this. it helps maintain my sanity on a weekly basis.
Thinking:: I need to go wash that kale if I’m going to get to test out these pins tomorrow morning.
Smelling:: my evening cup of coffee quickly cooling off.
Wishing:: September would come faster. I need some Walt Disney World in my life stat!
Hoping:: that I can get in touch with all my interviewees references tomorrow and hire someone at work!
Wearing:: nicer pajamas than usual. my goal is to not just wear oversized tees and gym shorts around the house anymore.
Loving:: all the sales currently happening! j.crew has certainly been picked over but there are tons more online and in store sales continuing through tomorrow.
Wanting:: an extra day in the week. I’m too young to wish for that.
Needing:: a maid. but seriously.
Feeling:: frustrated trying to get a handle on my current schedule. thankfully I was able to postpone a few things I had on my plate and pick them up later.
Clicking:: my new favorite blog of the week, The Pear Shape. love finding other bloggers shaped like me.
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  1. i've been trying to stay ahead on my blog posts too, but it's so hard! i also love all of the sales that are going on right now! i may have just gone a little bit overboard with mod cloth's 50% off sale lol

  2. There are two things that I have done as an adult that were well worth the investment: buying adorable, comfy PJ sets to sleep/lounge in, and hiring a maid to clean my apartment every two weeks. Many people think of maids as a luxury, but I would rather give up something else financially than spend hours cleaning my bathrooms.

    Finance guru Farnoosh says that if you take your income, hack off three zeroes, then divide in two, that is roughly your personal hourly rate. If cleaning "costs" you three hours a week, but a maid would do that work for less than your personal rate for three hours, it's worth outsourcing. 🙂

  3. Modcloth seriously has adorable stuff. Can't wait to see what you got on the blog!

  4. Maybe we can share said maid. I just need someone to come dust. I can pick up my clutter, but I don't have time to dust it all.

  5. My mom has been telling me that for years. She's always been hourly, so she's rather pay someone 1/4 of what she makes per hour to do something else for her so that she can work that hour and make the dollas. It may not have been worth it until recently. I just need someone to come dust. I can handle everything else. Or someone to come pave my drive way so there's less dust? lol.

  6. Ah I would love to keep ahead on my blog posts! But it never happens for me. Also where do you work? I know Ive seen you talk about work before but I guess I never saw what field you're in, its pretty big britches to be able to do hiring.

  7. Last Sunday I got about half way through the week, thus why there were only three posts last week. But I still am taking time for weekly planning on Sundays and it's helping me have less anxiety during the week.
    Haha! I'm an office manager at a small doctor's office. There's only four of us, so between me and the doc, I pick the people. I've only been office manager for a few months now. It seems like everyone is leaving at once to go on to bigger and better things!