The Sunday Currently v.7

A link up originally hosted by Sidda Thornton, now a tradition I continue on Sundays to share the week’s happenings.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! At the risk to over-doing it, I’m going to do it anyway. After all, this is a week round up and Tuesday was a monthly round up. You get a double dose. Enjoy!


As much as I would love to live closer to disney world, I always find myself loving coming home to this more and more every time #farm #countrylife

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Reading:: tweets. Nothing deep, at all, just trying to catch up somewhat.

Writing:: a guest post for Nicole S. blog Sparkly Ever After about one of our experiences at Disney World this past trip.
Listening:: my dogs go semi-nuts. They get a little crazy when one of us goes outside and we don’t let them out. Otherwise it would be the hum of the fridge. It gets really quiet when Corey goes outside.
Smelling:: Corey’s coffee. He likes to use flavored creamers and I think right now it’s a vanilla one and it’s over powering the normal home scent.
Wishing:: someone would now come unpack for me and put everything away and make sure it’s folded the way I like things folded too. I’m more high maintenance than I think I am.
Hoping:: to completely finish moving my sister today. Thank goodness it’s not like moving my parents where they have a four bedroom house full of stuff and instead it’s an 800 sq foot apartment going into about the same amount of space.
Wearing:: my pjs, still. I would wear them all day if I didn’t have to attend meeting and help my sister move. They’re the best little Target pjs there ever were.
Loving:: true sweater weather that descended upon us this weekend. The crisp air, vibrant blue skies, chilly wind. I’m trying not to think about the fact that it’s supposed to be 85° again this week. 
Wanting:: to fly away in December to Orlando again. I found flights for $85! That’s a steal!
Needing:: to get myself up and start getting ready to leave the house in an hour. Oy.
Feeling:: pretty good after coming home with the plauge last Sunday. It never fails that I come home from anywhere I’ve gone sick. 
  • Amanda’s new series “from one mama to another.” Though not a mom, I think this is the sweetest series to read and quite honest. If you’re a mom sign up to be a part of it!
  • Elizabeth shared her September picks. I’m jealous of the washi tape for sure.
  • Jenn shared the top 5 reasons why her kid is going to get her arrested (she’s kidding) and I LAUGHED SO HARD! It’s funny because it’s true!
  • Mali got Bean boots. She points you in the direction of some great reviews and explains why she chose the pair she did.
  • Jessica does what I think we all should do and sets her October goals and recaps her September accomplishments.
What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I'm so with you on the sweater weather thing. It finally cooled this weekend! I can't wait to break out my scarves! 🙂

  2. Trust me, I am totally happy that I'm relatively close to the city…but I also love being near the country. I think this is why I'm literally built to be suburban.

    Also, my dogs have been going nuts lately too. What's the deal??

    xo Jackie

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