The Sunday Currently v.6

While everyone is out trying to get the Altuzurra for Target collection, I’m at home, drinking coffee and languishing in what can only be appropriately called “sweater weather.” We may only have it one day this time, so I’m enjoying every minute of it.

This is also what I’m currently enjoying::

Reading:: about February and March Disney World crowd calendars because there’s always another trip in the works.
Writing:: a super belated anniversary card to some of our closest friends. Their anniversary was in May. I guess it’s OK since they only just took their anniversary trip last month.
Listening:: To one of my favorite Live365 Disney themed stations. Movie soundtracks are among my favorites to listen to, but nothing soothes the disney-fied soul more than a little parks music. There are several great Parks music stations.
Smelling:: my coffee. One of my favorite smells.
Wishing:: someone would come pack for me. Not just pack what I have on my packing list. Someone to pack exactly what I need and not over pack and make sure I have enough to last the entire trip. That would be great.
Hoping:: to truly relax on our vacation at the end of this week and next. It may sound crazy to have a relaxing Disney vacation, but for me, it’s a place where I can forget about grown-up stuff and enjoy a vacation carefree.
Wearing:: leggings and a hoodie– because its SWEATER WEATHER. (I might say it a million times today.)
Loving:: this SWEATER WEATHER– duh. Fall weather has and always will be my favorite kind of weather.
Wanting:: to adopt another puppy. Watching that too cute show really gives you the adoption bug.
Needing:: to work on my Disney thank you notes for the Cast members.. 
Feeling:: a serious case of Disneybrain setting in. Can you tell? It’s all I’m going to think about and do this week. Sorry guys.

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  1. I've been begging my husband to let me adopt a new fur baby but he just kind of rolls his eyes and says "Baaaabe……NO!" haha

  2. I was super excited that I got to wear the cardigan I'd made last week. So maybe not SWEATER WEATHER excitement like you, but I did start to break into my fall clothes. 🙂

  3. I love these "currently" posts… so fun to take a peek into your life. 🙂 Girl, I feel you on the sweater weather LOVE!

  4. Fall is hands down my favorite. Summer is my least favorite season so I'm always excited at the first glimpse of it being over.

  5. I would have all the fur babies if I could afford it! We have the best forever home.