The Sunday Currently v.2

The Sunday Currently is a link up hosted by Lauren at SiddaThornton sharing what’s up each week.

Coffee cup  I’ve been chasing for months. Found it yesterday with my mom. It reminds me of her family’s beach house that was sold 15 years ago.

August came up quite quickly and despite the really hot temperatures, I’m kind of enjoying it.

Currently I’m::

Reading:: still nothing. And there’s four books beside my bed that need to be cracked. And I’m participating in a kindle giveaway. I’m the worst. (don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!)
Writing:: to do lists. They never end. Lists for the home, blog, closet, work… they go on and on.
Listening:: Corey watching Man v. Wild on Netflix. He just finished the entire series of House. Did any one else notice how weird that show got in like the 7th season? I barely watched the 8th and last season with him. Too much.
Thinking:: about my grocery list for tomorrow. Trying to figure out healthy snacks… ugh.
Smelling:: the Harvey Prince lotion I got in my Birchbox for August. Loving it!
Wishing:: one of my front desk employees wouldn’t leave me just yet. He’s been my right hand for the past two years and I’m going to have trouble adjusting to not having him in the office!
Hoping:: the weather cools down soon. I’m ready and eager for fall to get here.
Wearing:: work out clothes. Just got off the treadmill after pilates. In a little under six weeks, Corey and I will be having our five year anniversary pictures taken. I refuse to be unhealthily heavy in those pictures. 15 lbs is all I’m asking for. It’s a little ambitious per week, but I’m determined to get healthy again. As much as I try to fool myself, my habits are not what they used to be.
Loving:: this dress. So much that two additional colors are on their way to me.
Wanting:: to eat all the cookies! ALL THE COOKIES! 
Needing:: my will power to come back. The will power I had before I got married to tell myself no to “all the cookies.”
Feeling:: tired but accomplished. Exercising always makes me feel that way. Yet every day I struggle to do it. Why?!
Clicking:: my new favorite blog of the week, Chasing Davies. I forget exactly what I was googling, but the pictures of this post appeared in my feed and I was like, “I have that skirt!” Of course I had to click and explore and now I have found my latest read. How can you not like someone with bold glasses?

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  1. I need to get back on reading too, but first I have to buy them. Worst procrastinator ever.

  2. I'm always writing lists and then forgetting where everything is (Evernote, Wunderliist, a piece of paper) and nothing gets accomplished. I feel more focused having a list though. I wasn't a fan of the Harvey Prince lotion..I liked it at first but then the scent got too cloying for me. And yes, House got so weird. I stopped watching about season 5 I think.

    Best of luck with the motivation. I need to get back to healthy habits again too. We can do it!

  3. Haha! With so many ways to get books electronically or through the mail, I feel like there's too many to choose one.

  4. I keep a to do list the old fashioned way in my papeer planner. My phone is mostly just for big events and reminding me when I need to be places for appointments. As much as I want to be electronic for all that stuff, it doesn't work for me.
    The smell faded so quickly for me! I know that different things smell different with chemical balances and stuff. It's so fascinating to me how things can smell so different on a different person.
    Losing four pounds already was great motivation! I'm excited to keep going! We'll hold each other accountable. 🙂

  5. Fun, I love posts like these!!

    That dress looks like such a perfect summer (and fall) staple. I see why you need more than one 🙂

    Best of luck with your fitness goals. It's so hard to keep up with goals, but it's so great that you have a specific target and timeline.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  6. Thanks Jackie! I really appreciate it. I love doing this link up and I feel like it's a tiny way to introduce readers to me.

    Im wearing the navy blue one right now. I love love love it!

  7. Yes yes yes I understand entirely! I need to write it to remember it. I saw in your video you have a different color; my tube was yellow. But still, that's like the science of perfume. You have to let it marinate because of the chemical compositions. That's awesome! I'm doing yoga weekly and like it a lot to help with muscle tone.