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A link up originally hosted by Sidda Thornton, now a tradition I continue on Sundays to share the week’s happenings.

Let’s see if I can get this done while it’s still Sunday. It was a busier than normal week– or rather more frazzled than normal week. My schedule felt like it was upside down. I’ve missed my Sunday wind down mornings and wind up evenings preparing for the week. This is the first Sunday in four Sundays I’ve spent the time trying to get back to my routine. Granted two of those were spent in Disney World, but still. Hopefully this will be my first “normal” week!


@catplusmouse you sketch the cutest princesses! #disney #princesses

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Yesterday I just had the most fantastic time feeling like a girly girl. Let me explain. I almost never shop with a buddy. If I am with a buddy, it’s my mom or sister. Not that I don’t enjoy that, but it was so much fun attending the cat+mouse event at Madewell in Atlanta yesterday with Nicole and then spending our afternoon shopping away! The only time I feel girlier is when I get my hair cut!

Here’s what else I’ve been currently doing:
Reading:: last week it was tweets. This week it’s articles and blog posts about tweets. I’m a little obsessed with it right now.

Writing:: or rather drafting a twitter form schedule. Told you I’m obsessed. 
Listening:: Wicked Tuna North v. South. Seriously the TV is always on in my house thanks to Corey and the dog pretty much needing it on all the time. They are two peas in a pod.
Smelling:: chicken mull cooking. It’s a southern thing. You’re not missing anything. I absolutely promise.
Wishing:: we could pick a date for our next Disney vacation. It’s been a very long time since I haven’t been planning for the next trip to the place where dreams come true. I’m a little like a lost puppy.
Hoping:: not sure I’m hoping for anything right now. 
Wearing:: sweats. Our house is often times compared to an ice locker.
Loving:: fall colors. I don’t like to wear orange, but orange, red, yellow, brown and gold are such beautiful colors together and they make for gorgeous decorating colors.
Wanting:: a nice pair of cognac booties. Then my fall capsule will be complete. 
Needing:: to pick out a dinner menu for this Saturday and then Sunday the second. It’s a busy next few weeks of entertaining. I’m excited about that!
Feeling:: for everyone. Since it’s breast cancer awareness month, I’m constantly reminded that this affects everyone. If it’s not a family member, its a co-worker or a close friend. I cannot wait for a time when sickness (including cancer) won’t be a daily concern.
Clicking this week:: 

  • Old books exude character. Perfect for reading and for adding some color to decor. There’s always a gem to be found at book sales.
  • Mali is the cutest and posted her very first “vlog” aka video blog. She got some awesome stuff!
  • If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, I don’t think there’s a more essentially fall farm to visit than the one Jenn took her family too.
  • Even though we have churros here in the States, these that Elizabeth shares from Singapore make me want to hop on a plane now.
  • This week’s installment of “from one mama to another” is up on Keeping up with the Haneys. I’m not a mom and no where near being one, but these posts are encouraging. Real moms letting other moms what’s up and that they’re not alone!
  • 6 Ways to Grow Your Blog or Business Using Twitter. Told you I’m obsessed with Twitter.
  • Target (and Fran for that matter) are always hitting it out of the park delivering dupes for less.
  • A fellow blogger friend Jenn, is selling some of her beautiful items here! She’s a fellow J.Crew lover! 
My Sunday posts will also be a place where I’m going to set some goals to focus my wee. I’ll be linking up with Weekly Wishes, a link up hosted by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective
Goals this week::
  • Only stop at Starbucks ONCE. There’s no easy way to admit this, but I have an addiction. No one needs multiple PSLs in a week. They just don’t. It’s a want, so I’m allowing myself one want this week.
  • Finalize and photograph my fall/winter capsule. While I plan on adjusting it just a little when highs start hovering around 50° there’s not too much that needs to change except adding tights and coats, so I plan on calling it a day once I fill a few more wardrobe holes.
  • Post on the blog four times. This will be an easy one to see if I accomplish it. Simply follow along. I have so many ideas, I just need to bring them to life!
  • Test out a gluten free recipe. As noted above we’re entertaining this weekend and the next. This coming weekend our friends visiting the Hayes home have a gluten free diet and I want to fix something exciting, but we all know you never try something new the night of the dinner!
That’s it for currently and my goals for the week. How was your week? Looking forward to anything?

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  1. I am not great at twitter, in fact I don't really like it, I think I'm just getting too old… And yes to Starbucks in moderation, it's so expensive!

  2. Shopping with other bloggers is one of my favorite things – even though we are such enablers! If I shop with my mom everything I pick up she will tell me is too expensive, haha.

    starbucks is a slippery slope – do you at least have a gold card? they've been getting me to come in a lot with all their promotions lately.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. My gold card is a necessity! Starbucks has been running decent sales and promos. Recently, I've been there probably 4/5 days out of the week and that's putting a dent in the spending money quicker than I like.

    We're already planning another day to shop together! Anthropolgie has final cut center about two hours from our area.