The Sunday Currently v. 5

Even though this is no longer a ink up, I’m still going to participate in sharing the current happenings in my life on Sundays. 

It’s been a doozie of a week even if it only was four working days. I feel so lazy when I say that. I just keep reminding myself at work that I’ve only been office manager for a month and that there’s only twelve more days until Disney World. C’mon vacation!

Currently I’m::
Reading:: Walt Disney An American Original-– yes again. It’s becoming a preDisney vacation tradition. And like I’ve said before, even if you’re not a Disney fan, Walt Disney himself led a very interesting and inspiring life. One of my favorite reads.
Writing:: on every single day of my planner.
Listening:: To Sunday football game predictions on ESPN. Even though we’re unplugged, we still get ESPN through our Roku, thankfully!
Smelling:: absolutely nothing. Hello fall allergies.
Wishing:: I didn’t have to leave the house today.
Hoping:: that I’ll be able to get so much done at work this week with the Doc on vacation. I have so much to get in line before I leave.
Wearing:: a Georgia tee. It was a off week for my favorite college team, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy an oversized tee with their name on it.
Loving:: the latest planner that came in the mail for my planner review series. Before I even got it, I thought it was going to be perfect. Now that it’s here in real life, I cannot wait to use it!
Wanting:: to get all of these blog posts written for the next few weeks. There’s so much to do with so little time to do it in! As always, right? 
Needing:: to do the chores for the week. Some how all that got done was cooking for the week. Now I need to clean, wash, fold, mop, dust… the list never ends.
Feeling:: partly cloudy, but ready for fall so I can take on these allergies.
Clicking:: just as one Starbucks giveaway ends, another begins! Check out Mommy by the Sea’s fall starbucks giveaway.
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On my blog (which wasn’t much this week)::
What have you been up to lately? Also where do you link up on Sundays?

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  1. You should always wear a team shirt. Luckily, you'll have more Georgia shirts to wear once my package makes its way to you. 🙂 Woot!

  2. As an avid Disney fan I'm going to need you to post lots of Disney pics so I can live vicariously. 😀