The Sunday Currently v. 4

Even though this is no longer a ink up, I’m still going to participate in sharing the current happenings in my life on most Sundays. 

August is over. Thank goodness. I’m not a summer lover at all. Needless to say, I was ready for fall back in June. Almost my entire month of August was spent looking forward to fall, as you can see.

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1:: Madewell dress love. So much love that I took the plunge on 3 more since this one- two of the tunic variety and one more dress. Can’t wait to get a fall/winter one for that capsule.
2:: I won some fingerless gloves! It may be 94° outside today, but I’m dreaming of 66+sunny and breezy to wear these gloves. Let’s consider it planning ahead. You should plan ahead too. Just take a look at all Katy’s colors, especially the ombre latte ones. *drool*
3:: One more sign of fall: Pumpkin Spice lattes. My favorite. Make sure you enter to win a starbucks gift certificate and PSL print in the giveaway I’m co-hosting with Nicole.
4:: It’s the final countdown! We’re currently t-minus 19 days from my next Walt Disney World trip!
5:: Checked in with the doge this month. She’s still as cute as ever.
6:: Cleaned off my desk completely! Big accomplishment. It’s got stuff on it again, but I attribute cleaning it off to getting my booty back in gear this month.
7:: This KS agenda came into my life, and I love the gold dots so much so! Can’t wait to share reviews of the other planners on their way to me. See my full review on the KS agenda here.
8:: Another “finally” happened in August. My “beach house” mug came home with me. Love it.
9:: Firefly festival. We were out on a Saturday night! Shocker! Honestly, I can’t remember if this was August or not! lol. It’s been a long/short summer.

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  • Karen is ready for fall with these swoon worthy fall picks.
  • Heather brings up some thought provoking points regarding a recent Glamour shoot.
  • Lindsey is also as ready for fall as I am and already has some fantastic shoes picked out!
  • Brittney rounded up five of some of the most amazing Friday picks I’ve ever seen.
  • Caroline and Anuschka have both inspired me to delve deeper into creating a capsule wardrobe.
How was your August? Enjoying your long weekend?

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  1. Ah I love summer so much, I always can't believe when people are happy to see it go. Don't get me wrong, I love fall too!

    Hope you're having a good day off~

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  2. Okay, the dress, the desk, the dog, the planner, the latte (I was doing so well with the "d" words). I'm loving it all! I am not ready for fall to come though. I'm one of those people who stubbornly clings to summer until tank tops and wedge sandals are no longer acceptable.

  3. This is such a cool post. Just catching up with your blog. I do stop by here though I need to comment more often. Nice to see your little reviews, ideas, thoughts, wishes and wants. =) I want some fingerless gloves and that K Agenda – so stinking cute with the gold dots. =)))

  4. Spring is okay. Summer is my least favorite. And winter is tolerable.
    But fall? I could have fall year round. The smells, weather, flavors…everything. Love it.