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Wednesday was a very fun mail day. Get one here.
It’s been one of those weeks where I’m almost too busy, but it was successful in the fact that there are very few items left on my to do list– at work and at home. That’s one awesome feeling.

Currently I’m::
Reading:: so many blog articles about blogs. There’s some fantastic stuff out there for bloggers too from other bloggers. It really reminds you how much this is a community and we should all contribute to it and be happy to share the good and what works.
Writing:: blog content planner pages. Hopefully finishing out the month with planned ideas. Who knows how many will be posted though…
Listening:: To ESPN live. We found out on our Roku that there are some channels we can share the login with. So we’re sharing our Netflix with my in-laws and they’re sharing their dish login. I don’t think it’s quite a fair trade, but to Corey it is because he missed his sports.
Thinking:: it’s time to have breakfast!
Smelling:: the coffee brewing. We were late risers today.
Wishing:: the college kids would learn how to drive before they move away from their families for a school year. More specifically freshmen. The first week with all the kids back is always record breaking with the number of fender benders.
Hoping:: that these boxes I found at Target are in stock online because there was certainly nothing left at mine. They were even out of toilet bowl cleaner. How do you run out of that?
Wearing:: a headband because it’s fourth day hair.
Loving:: being boss. Nuff said.
Wanting:: to post the last of my summer stuff and the first of my fall stuff on my Poshmark closet. Check it out here, or by clicking the link in my sidebar. You can also download the app on Android or iPhone. Use code HYHUZ to get $5 credit!
Needing:: to order these Smarty Pants vitamin gummies. They’re the first gummy vitamins I’ve found that are free of ALL my allergens. I’m pretty excited to have found a vitamin I’m excited to take. A sample came in my last Birchbox and they were delicious! Let’s get healthy!
Feeling:: so much better today. After eating very clean the past week and a half I was very bad on Friday night and paid for it dearly on Saturday. It was not fun at all.
Clicking:: on my new swap sponsors! I’ve enjoyed looking through Heather’s blog Mommy by the Sea and of course I always adore Karen’s blog Fearlessly Authentic. She participated in the last Modern Austen giveaway with me and I’ve loved her style and blog since!

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  1. That Kate Spade agenda makes me happy! I put it on my 'Wanting' list today for my Sunday Currently! Haha! Was it worth the investment?