Sunday Lately:: Wk. 1

Today I am incredibly psyched to start a new link-up with my amazing blogging buddies, Katy and Nicole. We have been doing My Favs on Thursdays for the past year and we agreed to take our link-up in a new direction and to a new day! I’m especially excited since my previous Sunday link-up ended a few months ago. Welcome to Sunday Lately. Here are this week’s lately words.

many hypothetical trips that I hope become realities soon. I have a friend and her little family in Mexico I want to visit and I haven’t been to New York City in 15 years. That must be some kind of sin. Of course, there’s the looming Disney World trips for the rest of the year that haven’t been booked. The travel bug is making me itch something fierce!
::Loving:: my job. Though I have complained about it before, I love being busy. January 1 is always a tumultuous time at a doctor’s office with insurance starting over, end of year accounting details, inventory, etc. Being busy is my favorite past time. Things are finally starting to fall into place too. I feel like I know what I’m doing now.
::Reading:: still Amy Pohler’s Yes Please. The reading wagon left without me a few weeks ago, so I’m behind on my fun reading. It’s not necessarily what I was expecting it to be, but I’m looking forward to finishing it and developing a more thorough opinion.
::Wishing:: for a good dresser to fall into my lap. Not literally, but figuratively. A dresser is probably a shallow sounding wish, but organizationally speaking, it would do wonders for our master bedroom and closet. We’re working with limited space and I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that we need a dresser after trying to go without one for a few years now. I’m picky and Corey actually has an opinion about furniture pieces, so we’ve been without one.
::Feeling:: so energized about getting all my bathroom goods in order. Makeup from my many mascaras to the tiny samples of luminizer to try. Then there’s the facial lotions, hair care, nail polish, and the many hotel shampoos and conditioners that all need spots. Now they have them. I took pictures too. Yes, I am an organization nerd.

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  1. So I'm JUST learning about your organizational love because of your comment on IG. And now my eyes are opened and I see the theme in your posts haha. Fun link up!

  2. Organizing is the best! Julep is one of the few polishes I know that has room for swatching. Their colors are great too.

  3. I need to invest in an external hard drive. Right now Ive been moving them to an excessively large USB drive I have. Doesn't it just feel amazing?!

  4. I'm hoping to finish it this week and maybe touch on it next week on my lately post. If not, I'll email you my thoughts. I've read so many mixed reviews, I'm anxious to finish it myself.

  5. I get so carried away with organizing that I forget to actually accomplish real things. It's a problem of mine.