Style Sunday: What to wear at Disney World in the summer

Disney World is an entirely different ball game than Disneyland is. Everything is bigger in Disney World, including the heat. Central Florida is no joke. 100% humidity most days. Highs rarely dip below 70°. There are pretty much two seasons. A fall-ish weather and summer weather, which encompasses about 8 months out of the year. These are some of my picks to enjoy Disney World all day in that never ending summer weather. Of course, remember to top off all outfits with a pair of these little beauties.

Watches and Alex and Ani bracelets are great ways to bring the Disney flair to your outfits when you’re sporting a plain tank top and plain shorts. I suggest tennis shoes for most of the time and Toms for comfortable cute shoes because, lets face it, tennis shoes are not the cutest things on the earth. This past trip I took my jean jacket and utility vest. If all you’re wearing is shorts and a tank top, the wind at night can bring a tiny chill to you after having sweated in sweltering 90° temps all day. My vest worked great over t-shirts and I wore the jean jacket on an unusually chilly night when it was around 60°. The pockets were great for carrying around my phone and point and shoot camera.

When our next fall-ish weather trip comes around, I’ll do another round up of what I wear to the parks in that weather. For now, it’s far too hot to even think about putting on long pants, even here at home. Blech. Summer is upon us.

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