Style Saturday: J.Crew Summer Picks

Another Saturday skimming through the internets inevitably leads me to my favorite retailer, J. Crew. I’ve been trying to be really good and not browse because browsing for me eventually leads to buying and I’m working hard to reform my shopping habits. More than likely, I’ll be waiting until the 40% off sale for these beauties in July and August, but it doesn’t hurt to have in mind what I want. Incase you can’t tell, I like navy, cream, and patterns involving the two.

That first skirt is amazing. It’s a gauze maxi skirt and it comes in three colors. I can only imagine how comfortable that skirt is going to be in July and August when it’s 90+ degrees here in Georgia. And it comes in navy, the color of my life. The blue striped tank right below it, I mean, how could I NOT include it? That cobalt bright blue looks so good with navy and white during the summer. Also it’s the linen cotton that J.Crew has been using lately and is also the material for the “Amazing” shirt right below it. Those tees are so comfortable in the summer. The two items in the middle of the third row are featuring the most adorable shorts on this earth and a great triangle pattern campbell capri. The shorts have scalloped pockets, are chambray, and have sailboats all over. Sailboats. Chambray. Scallops. How much more perfect could those be?! The Campbells beside the shorts have teeny tiny triangles all over. White with a little pop of pattern will look so amazing with… what else, but navy. They will be great for day or night too. I foresee dressing them down with my jean jacket. Even though these are all my favorites, I wanted to definitely mention the last little square. The sweater is a sparkle boyfriend length cardigan. All I can imagine it with is those adorable chambray sailboat scalloped shorts, a striped tank, and sandals like those tie-dye ones in the grid.

Oh man, so many favorites. Anything you can’t live without in this early summer roll out? Have you seen any look-a-likes around the internets? Let me know! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. This post is cracking me up as I was literally JUST browsing the website and have so many of these picks on my wishlist! I just told my husband the other day, Navy is my favorite color right now! Happy Saturday!

  2. There were so many really good choices this roll out. I was, honestly, pretty disappointed with the roll out in March. I'm happy to see some of those items on sale because I am interested in getting them, but not at full price.

  3. I just got an email from JCrew about some great sales and I am SO tempted!! But I'm trying to resist – it's so tough!