Style Day: Making a Maxi Slimmer

It’s summer in Georgia. How do I know? It’s hitting 90 degrees today, as it did yesterday. Though I love my state, I loathe summer. I run on the warmer side, so warmer weather never makes me feel better. One thing that makes it more bearable is dresses, specifically maxi dresses. In my opinion, a knit maxi dress is as comfortable as pjs. A very chic and crafty friend of mine mentioned on her IG today that she doesn’t care to wear a maxi because it doesn’t show off her curves. To some extent, I can see what she’s saying, but the long length, in addition to these few tips, can help make a maxi more slimming.

necklace: J.Crew (similar) chambray: J.Crew Factory dress: J.Crew (similar) flats: Madewell belt: J.Crew
First, excuse my hair and un-ironed shirt. I’m taking care of the hair tomorrow and I was running short on time and wanted to share this. Moving on… 
These are all simple tips that transverse wardrobe options. The first way to make a maxi slimmer is to belt it, and not just where ever, but at the smallest part of your waist. The smaller the belt, the slimmer the impact. You can belt at the waist with a maxi skirt or dress.
Next option, tuck it in! If you’re wearing a maxi skirt, tuck in your top and wear it at the waist. Leaving the shirt untucked means where the shirt stops is where the eye stops and most hem lines run along larger portions of the body.
Third, wear heels with it. The taller you look the slimmer you look. Maxi length already adds height. Adding wedges or heels of some kind make you even taller and slimmer looking.
These three tips are things I always think of, but decided to share them because I realize not everyone grows up watching What Not To Wear.
What do you think of the maxi length? What tips do you have for making an outfit more slimming?
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  1. These are fantastic tips! Love your outfit! I love a good maxi skirt all year round so this is perfect!

  2. I think everyone should grow up watching What not to wear, don't you?! These are all great tips. I agree…summer is so hard…but wearing something so cozy helps with that!

  3. I'm pretty sure that everything I know about dressing like an adult was learned from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. I may own their book.

  4. Haha. Oh my gosh, I love that I can be inspiration for you and Nicole on tips sometimes.

    I get what you're saying and I'm sure it does help…but I'm still not sold on maxis. They're just not "me". I wore mine yesterday, with a tucked in shirt and I didn't feel like a whale but I still wanted my skirt to be shorter the entire day. At least I can say I tried!

  5. You are quite inspiring Katy!

    You did your best! That's all that counts. I love maxis. My favorite reason has to be I don't have to shave when I wear them. 😛

  6. OMIGOD YESSSSS! My mom was always chic when she dressed up and wasn't in crafty mommy clothes, so it's in my genes, but man Stacy and Clinton just cultivated that seed to no end.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Ashley! I totally agree. What Not to Wear was our Friday night ritual. Stacy and Clinton are so funny together!

  8. Great tips and another fabulous style post. Keep them coming, please! Also, thanks for teaching me all over the internet to accent my waist. 😉