Style Day: Lace Sleeve Top Remixed

It’s hot already you guys. Really, really hot in Georgia. Heat is to Georgia as Meghan is to skirts. I always loved analogies. Skirts are really the only saving grace for me living in this hot box. Well, and a/c. I don’t know how southerners did it before a/c.

necklace:: J.Crew (similar) top:: J.Crew skirt/belt:: eShakti sandals:: MIA via Marshalls

But I’m not going to talk about the skirt today (besides that it’s amazing). I’ll stick with the top. It’s the Lace Sleeve Top from J.Crew. It has been 50% off the sale price of late. For me, it’s the perfect structured summer top. There are sleeves, meaning I don’t have to wear a jacket or cardigan over it. It’s a heavier cotton, so it’s not see-through and is warm enough without said jacket/cardi. Third, the sleeves are a lacey eyelet and there’s a few holes to let the heat out. Built in a/c for the top, if you will. It has an invisible zip and hook and eye closure. The hook and eye closure is kinda impossible to get to and close. I really wish it didn’t have it. It pokes, just like every h&e closure and it’s at a funny spot.

lace sleeve top :: www.hayesdays.comlace sleeve top :: www.hayesdays.comlace sleeve top :: www.hayesdays.comlace sleeve top ::
Also, I tried out one of these in my hair for a bun. Because my arms don’t coordinate enough to get a good look at the back of my head in a mirror holding a hand mirror, I included the picture of the back of my head so I could see what it looked like. Personally, I think I have too much hair for something like this to work. A sock has worked OK in the past for a bun. What do y’all think? Can you tell anything from the picture?
Lastly, I’m linking up with Lauren at Fizz and Frosting and Marissa at the Modern Austen. Make sure you check out the links to their link-ups below! Have an amazing Monday everyone! 
lace sleeve top ::
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lace sleeve top ::
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  1. It gets hot here but not Georgia hot. I wear skirts allllll summer long. It's the best.

    PS. Want those shoes!!

  2. When I saw the "alllll summer long" comment I was like, "Oh that's definitely Katy because she's #nopantssummer" I LOVE that hashtag. Lol.
    The shoes are pretty cheap at Amazon right now. I think that's the link I used. I have worn them almost every day I've had them so far. I'll probably be talking about those next Monday if I don't wear them out before then.

  3. A little lace detail always gets me, so I am loving this top! Thanks for linking up this week! 😉

  4. You are so cute. I really really like this outfit! Such a great summer outfit that looks very put-together.

  5. Thank you Lauren! Lace always adds that little something special in my opinion. I plan on linking up for the foreseeable future. It's a mix it up summer for me!

  6. Thanks Marissa! I try to look semi-put together each day, especially when I may have to show up at work.

  7. Arghgh! Why did I miss this shirt in navy??!! I love it so much!! Oh and I love this outfit on you! You look AMAZING!!

  8. Thank you Lindsey! I think you can still get it and half off at that! Other than the invisible zipper, I love it.

  9. love the way you styled this top! I wanted to order that skirt from eShakti, but they were low on materials 🙁

  10. Thanks Kate! It's definitely worth getting if you have the chance to get it again. The length is pretty much perfect.

  11. Thank you Angela! If you can get your hands on them, I highly recommend the shoes. They're very comfortable.

  12. Thank you Kelsey! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Your blog is always a favorite of mine.

  13. So cute! I love both looks, but I am a skirt girl too so I naturally gravitate toward the skirt look as my favorite. And I am totally digging the shoes!


  14. The black lace tee is a great basic! Love it with both the printed pants and skirt. And I think your hair looks great in a bun!

  15. Your waist is so itty bitty! The belt with the skirt really helps accentuate that 🙂 And I'm loving the sock bun!

  16. Thanks Katie! I need to keep messing with it to get it right but the bun was a good alternative to a pony tail.

  17. What a great top, Meghan! I really like navy, even though I own a grand total of ZERO navy tops (WHAT?!), and it looks fantastic with both the pants and the skirt. The sleeves on your shirt are really fun as well – it is a great twist on a typical tee.

  18. (WHAT?!) is right! At least a navy tee is totally necessary. Not that I'm encouraging you to shop or anything. I was looking for more short sleeve tops and this fit the bill, with a twist. It's like a fancy sweatshirt top tee type shirt. Not sure if there's a better way to describe that or not!

  19. That is a cute top, I love eyelet lace, so having the little detail really makes this something special. A zipper and hook and eye seem silly for a cotton tee – is is really necessary?

    As for the bun, I don't think you have too much hair, maybe you just need to fuss with it all little more? I was into the sock bun for a while, but I think I prefer my buns a little smaller without it.

    Chic on the Cheap