Style Day: Knit tee dress remixed

Yes. It’s already happening. This dress is getting remixed. Told you I loved it.

Knit t-shirt dress remixed::
scarf:: Shelley Bee Originals necklace:: J.Crew via Poshmark (similar) popover:: J.Crew dress:: target (similar)  flats:: Cynthia Vincent

This dress is SO easy and perfect for summer. I know there were a few commenters that said it wasn’t working quite right for them. On the hanger and unaccessorized, I gotta say, I probably would’ve passed on it. I don’t always see the potential in a piece on the hanger, but this is one that I did. The popover I’m wearing was also a piece that you had to see the potential in (ie- the denim mom shirt convo). I went a completely different direction with colors in this outfit from the last time I wore it. Even though the stripes are black on this dress, I think it still works. I was so thrilled that this looked as good on as I thought it would in my head. That only works out 1 out of 5 times.

Knit t-shirt dress remixed:: www.hayesdays.comKnit t-shirt dress remixed:: www.hayesdays.comKnit t-shirt dress remixed:: www.hayesdays.comKnit t-shirt dress remixed::
Knit t-shirt dress remixed::
I am in love with this. It seems like the perfect outfit to take to the beach or traveling. I’ve seen so many great “remix your suitcase” posts around recently, like this one. The idea of only taking 10 pieces with you on vacation kinda blows my mind, but the way it’s presented, it seems so easy. Though it’s been about 5 years since my last International trip, I do remember how hard it was to pack for it. Even domestic vacations give me anxiety trying to pack for them. Having a plan like this, taking pieces you already know how to pair is perfect. You can’t beat comfort for summer travels. 
Have you tried a knit t-shirt dress for summer yet? How else do you think I should mix this dress?
Knit t-shirt dress remixed::
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  1. Love this look! The denim shirt over the dress is such a cute look!


  2. I definitely need a dress like this! Love it with your denim shirt!


  3. I love this remix! I have a really similar b&w striped dress from Target and I wear it ALL THE TIME. It is so great to have items you can wear over and over. You look great, Meghan!

  4. Tshirt dresses are pretty much my jam right now. I am living in them! Loving how you remixed yours with a popover!

  5. Ah such a great remix! Also that was so fast but I don't blame you the dress is too darn cute. I always feel like a chambray/jean shirt is one of those items you can throw on almost anything, you can tie it a the waist, wear it loose, button it up or layer it!

  6. I have one that buttons all the way up and then this one that buttons half way and a striped one and… yeah, like six or seven of them. Yeah I washed it and wore it two days later. It's like wearing a night gown in public.

  7. Part of me couldn't believe I was trying to do it in 90° heat, but it actually worked!

  8. I've never thought of layering a shirt over a dress like this…. now I'm inspired to try it!! You look super cute and I love your flats!

  9. Thank you Abby! I'm surprised I thought of it too since it's SO hot here right now, but this is the look I was going for when I bought the chambray, so I was happy to see it work out. I plan on layering it later over tanks.

  10. Those are always the pieces I wish I had bought duplicates of when I've worn them out! Thank you!

  11. Nothing wrong with remixing the heck out of a piece! You should absolutely wear it as much as possible this summer, because it really is the perfect summer dress.

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Thanks Lydia! I'm probably going to wear this dress completely out before the end of summer. It really is perfect!

  13. Perfection- again!!! Thanks for give me another idea of how to wear my striped dress!!

  14. Thanks! Did you see where Fran also has a similar version of this dress? she has styled it really cute.

  15. Ooh, Meghan! I really like how you wore the popover on top of your dress – very nice! Also…I LOVE your glasses – they are so fun!!

  16. Thanks! It was a little warm to tell you the truth, but I can't wait to wear it into fall this way. I have plenty of popovers to wear with it.
    I never cite my glasses because I wear them out of need, not want, but they're the Ray Bans that almost everyone has now. They really are the most comfortable frames I've ever had. I love them.

  17. Came to find how you layered the dress and I LOVE IT. I can't wait to copy it once it cools down a little bit. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  18. Mine are Ray Bans as well, and I love them! I, too, wear them out of necessity, as I'm nearly legally blind and contacts sometimes drive my eyes crazy!! I'm thankful to have a pair of frames that I like this much!!