Style Day: J.Crew Printed Minnie Pant Review

Part of my “no shop summer” includes wearing items that are sitting in my closet with tags still hanging on them. Though I just bought the pants and top last month, I still was taking the tags off this morning, so this outfit ticks that box. 
The pants are the J.Crew Minnie Pant. While I don’t whole heartedly recommend these for ladies shaped like me, they were surprisingly comfortable for all day wear at the office and running errands. I loved this outfit. Loved loved loved! I also included less flattering pictures of my bottom half in these pants to show why I don’t recommend them 100 percent. Also… sorry about the beach hair and face. Everything should be back to normal soon, but for now I’m going to be a little pinker and frizzier than usual.
necklace: J.Crew top: J.Crew pants: J.Crew shoes: J.Crew 
(didn’t realize I was head to toe ‘crew until now. it happens a lot.)
Oh man those are some unflattering pictures. Geeze… moving on!
The pros for the minnie are the stretch. Oh how I love stretch in a pant. I eat. I walk. I squat. (yes, I squat in pretty much everything I wear) The stretch in these pants makes my day possible. The pattern on these is a predominately vertical pattern, which I like. I actually like that there aren’t front pockets. It makes it easier for the pants to lay a little flatter and fit a little better. The pattern is versatile and I can see these transitioning to fall well. The printed fabric is also a VERY different fabric than any of the Minnies I have ever tried on at J.Crew. The weight was much closer to the Campbell Capri than the stretch wool and cotton twills I’ve tried on in the past. Don’t be fooled. They still hug every curve and bump, but they don’t give you visible panty line like the other fabrics. This held true for the Minnie pant in diamond print as well.
For the cons, stretch. I’m listing it as a pro and a con because the pants wouldn’t hug the way they do if they didn’t have as much stretch in the material. The invisible side zipper is also a con. Oy. That thing is a pain and it poked into me all day long. If it had been in the back, I don’t think it would’ve been nearly as uncomfortable. A personal con is how my butt looks in these. I know I don’t have the best looking rear, but these make it less appealing. 
Overall, the comfort exceeds the hugging factor and I will be wearing these again, hopefully with a few pounds less hanging on my frame. That would make a big difference. Surprisingly, I also received two compliments on this outfit. I’ve already dreamed up a few other ways to wear these pants:
Minnie pant in Foulard print Remix ~
For work :: Blazer: J.Crew Shoes: Maiden Lane via Gilt Top: J.Crew Factory
For play :: Tee: J.Crew Belt: J.Crew Necklace: J.Crew Shoes: Jessica Simpson
I already own these items or similar ones so that I can remix these pants all summer long and into fall. While I still don’t think the Minnie pant is my favorite work pant, like it is for most women, I can now see what others love about these pants and I may continue to seek out the Minnie’s in other great patterns. However, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for the strech twill or wool versions.
What do you think about the Minnie pant? Pass or keep? 
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  1. Yay! I love,love, love this post! Is it bad if I run off right now and order these pants?!! I also adore it paired with the lace sleeve top I wish it hadn't sold out. I know you think your butt doesn't look fab in these pants, but I'm telling you, you look fabulous in this outfit!!!

  2. That would explain the compliments. 😉 It is really comfortable. Though I'm not 100% in love with the pants, I am 100% in love with the outfit, if that makes sense. I think you would really like this particular pair or minnies. I wish I had a pair of the stretch ones so that I could accurately point out the difference.

  3. I also love your styling ideas, by the way. And when I wore my green twill pair last week I felt nervous about my BUTT all day long! However, the comfy factor wins it for me as they were so darn easy to wear! Oh, and I still don't know what you bought!;)

  4. I've never been one to wear capris myself, but I always think they're cute on other people. You look super stylin, like usual. Come dress me please?

  5. LOL! I would love to do that… and to visit wheeling. It looks so cute and colorful when I see your pictures.

  6. You'll see soon! I plan on doing like an "at the pool" post with what I ordered.

  7. Meghan, I love this outfit and I love your honest review even more! I am actually wearing the Pixie Pant from Old Navy right now that is almost an exact dupe of these pants (in varying patterns) and I think you might want to give them a try as well. They are very similar to the Minnie pants (according to your description–I haven't had the fortune of trying those on yet!), except there is a normal zipper. They also have fake pocket slits on the butt and real front pockets. In either case, comfort is KEY!

  8. I'm generally of the mindset that if you're not 101% comfortable in it, then it's a no. I think there are pants out there that would do more for your rear or make it look more the way you'd want it to. But the styling possibilities make it really hard to pass up!

  9. I keep wanting to try the pixie from Old Navy! I need to put more effort into going to an Old Navy to try them on! A real zipper is a great plus. I've had several girls tell me they're similar, but they prefer the fit of the pixie more.

  10. i too love a good stretch in pants. i rarely if ever wear pants so when i do wear them they better be comfy, and livable! lol. i also love the way that you styled them! i would get pants like that and have no idea what to do with them haha so rock on!

  11. I really like the print on these! I have a black pair similar to this and find I'm most comfortable in longer shirts or blazers that cover my butt, maybe that would make you feel less self-conscious too?

  12. I think the side zipper would drive me crazy…but the print is so fun! I love that they're navy, too. I also love stretch in my pants, but it can sometimes annoy the heck out of me as well. The Pixie pants from Old Navy are as perfect a pant as I have been able to find!!

  13. I have a pair of Minnie pants and while I love the comfort, I do agree that they aren't the most flattering pants I own. The side zipper does drive me a bit crazy too!

  14. Lauren! You just made my day! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Glad I'm not the only one with side zipper issues.

  15. I knew that you liked the Pixie too. I must try them out. Marissa (from the Modern Austen) was saying that she really likes the ON pixie too. I know why, structurally speaking, they chose the side zipper, but seriously I have to figure out how to fix it. I couldn't resist the navy print. I HAD to have them! lol.

  16. I tucked up the shirt just to show the fit, but I will definitely make sure I'm wearing longer tops with these pants, especially through the summer. Thanks for the tip Ginny!

  17. Thanks Giovanna! I thought the necklace was too unique to pass up. Can't wait to check out your blog.

  18. Thanks Erica! I am in complete agreement about the comfort factor in pants because they can be SO uncomfortable sometimes. Thank you for commenting! Can't wait to check out your blog.