Style Day: J.Crew Spring Picks

Now that we’ve all had a chance to ooh-and-ahh over the February style guide, I’m going to officially be the last one to post my favorite picks from the new arrivals. I picked a lot too. There were quite a few things that caught my eye, things I’m excited to try, and a few wardrobe hole fillers. Despite the fact that the sale section got an update this morning and is still calling my name, I’m keeping my eye on spring. Though I probably still have a month or two left of unstable Georgia weather, I’m hopeful to add a few of these to my closet for spring.

Blakely Shimmer Linen Pumps

These are beautiful and I find them versatile. They are right up my alley. Timeless shape and wearability with a little something special. Can’t wait to see these in person and try them on. J.Crew shoes don’t always fit my wide feet too well so I will definitely be trying them on before investing in them.

Classic Popover

For some, the popovers just don’t work. For me, they’re perfect. J.Crew full button-ups are not my friend, so I’m excited to see the popover available in these three great colors.

Collection Lace-Stripe Silk Skirt

Oh this skirt. I even like it in the bright kiwi color featured in the catalog, but this dusty ginger color looks so sweet for spring and summer. I like the length on the model, so I know it’ll be long enough on me. This is definitely in my top three.

Large Sunflower Necklace

I recently got my very first J.Crew “statement piece” necklace in the mail. I’m still pretty minimal in my jewelry picks though. This necklace is a great middle of the road for me. All the colors are pretty and the price is good too.

Perfect Shirt in Floral Foulard

As much as I love this pattern, like I said, J.Crew full button-ups are not my friends. I’m going to have to go try this one on before I decide if it’s a must-have or not. The colors online look very pretty too, but that can often be deceiving too.

Piamita Loulou Shell in Monkey Print

Oh goodness this monkey print. It’s just the cutest thing. I’m not into the price though and highly doubt this one will see promo or sale. We’ll see.

Piped Andie Chino

I haven’t ventured into the realm of chino pants in a while, but these might just make me. I love a little something special, and the red piping trim is it. On the other hand, it could make me hate the pants. These will definitely be a must try on.

Pleated Poplin Skirt

Another long skirt! Yay! The pleats, the colors, the style. This is my first pick from the spring looks. I love the light blue and it also comes in navy. This is a very timeless look to me. This is a skirt I can see investing in.

Printed Silk Snood

This piece is just too cute! I love all three of the prints that this silk snood comes in, but this one is my favorite. I think I can look past the tassels for this adorable print. I’m not much of a scarf wearer because I have immense amounts of hair and it keeps me quite warm, but I just love this. Love. Love. Love.

Soft Pencil Skirt in Rosewood

I’ve already seen this skirt reviewed by a few of my favorite J.Crew bloggers. Anything with soft in the name is definitely something I’m interested in. This color for spring though? So I’m not sure, but the allure of softness is undeniable.

Tiny Flowers Necklace

I couldn’t pick just one necklace. That’s so unlike me. While I’m not crazy about the price on this one, I like the pale pink color and think it would be very versatile.

Toothpick Jean in Tux Stripe

With my pear shape, toothpick jeans are not for me. At all. Ever. But I love these for other people and want to see everyone wear them! Anything with a tux stripe is OK in my book. They did this last season with the Andie chino and I let it sell out. Again, it’s a pretty basic piece with something really special.

Pattern Block Leather Pouch

While I’m not a huge fan of these leather pouches, the black and white citron really catches my eye and I just love it. It’s reminiscent of Kate Spade Saturday to me. It’s fun. I like fun.

Downing Tote
Wardrobe. Hole. Filler. Nuff said. But I can say more. I like that this comes in navy and cream too, but the English Saddle color is where it’s at! This is a forever tote at a pretty good price, considering it just might outlive you. I want to investigate it’s construction in person, but I’ve got to try and be objective because I’m already in love.

There were also a few items I saw that were an “if you missed it here it is again…”
Jersey Maxi Skirt

Polka-dot Popover

There are also a few items I’m excited to try the revamp of like the Campbell Capri, the Emma ballet flat, and the cotton twill for the No. 2 Pencil Skirt. I loved all three of their former counterparts and I’m a believer in the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” line of thought, so we’ll see if I love the new ones just as much. The Campbell advertises stretch which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I’ve heard the Emma runs narrow. Cotton twill vs. double serge cotton. We shall see. 

What are you loving for this spring?

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  1. And I liked it in person too! Which was great! I'm just waiting for a good promo. Not going to let go of my hard earned dollars that easy!