Style Day: J.Crew Campbell Capri vs. Cafe Capri

When I first found the Cafe Capri, probably three years ago now, I was in love. The fit was perfect for me. I actually found myself wearing work pants OUTSIDE of work. (this was a huge deal for me, since dress/work pants really aren’t my friend.) Needless to say, when the style guide came in the mail introducing the Campbell Capri, I was heartbroken. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to try them on and my sadness was quelled by how much I liked them. Here are some very unflattering pictures that compare the Campbell to the Cafe Capri. (Please remember that I am a pear shape and heavier than I should be, but these pictures should at least give you an idea of how the pants differ in fit.)

Campbell Capri vs. Cafe Capri ~
Cafe Capri
Campbell Capri

First lets look at the similarities:
  • Both have a 27 inch inseam
  • Both are fitted through hit and thigh, with a straight, cropped leg
  • Both advertise a hint of stretch
  • Both are machine washable
Then the differences:
  • One sits above the hip and the other just above the hip
  • One has a “kick” at the hem and the other is tapered
  • One is all cotton and the other is cotton/rayon
These are the highly unflattering pictures of me in them:
Campbell Capri vs. Cafe Capri ~
Left: Cafe Capri Right: Campbell Capri in abstract wave print

Unfortunately there were not two identical colors brand new available to me so I tried my best to get similar colors and the best pictures of both with the resources available to me.

Right off I have a few observations. There is definitely a “kick” at the bottom in the second picture of the Campbell. The Campbell also hits higher. There was about two inches of extra fabric that I was holding in the second picture. Despite how the Campbells look on me, I tried on one size smaller in the store and it actually fit better than the size you see in the pictures. The pockets lay flatter with the Campbells all around, the back and front pockets. There is most certainly stretch in the Campbells, which is also why I would size down. I never noticed much stretch in the Cafes, and that’s after having worn them for three years, despite it being listed in the J.Crew description.
Overall I like the Campbell. Quite a bit more stretch and an inch or two higher rise than the Cafe. The fabric is much like the Minnie though and hugs in a similar manner, which I’m not a huge fan of. Also, I’m comforted that I can still get my basic colors in the Cafe Capri online from J.Crew. I recommend both pants, but can’t whole heartedly recommend one over the other because I think the rise and fabric composition differences make them completely different pants. If you’re looking for something with structure, the Cafe is it. If you want some stretch and something a little less curve hugging than a Minnie pant, the Campbell is it. 
Have you tried the Campbell? Or the Cafe? Do you have a favorite?

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  1. You're my hero!! I had a post like this and got to nervous about the pictures! Thanks SO much for sharing!!

  2. Thanks Lindsey! It seriously was a leap of faith hoping no one makes mean comments, but I thought it would be more useful posted even if someone decides to be rude.

  3. My new favorite pant is the slim cropped pant from Gap. I recommend checking that one out too! It fits more like the Campbell. High waisted with stretch. I'm doing a post on those Friday.

  4. Thank you Ginny! I'm looking forward to collecting more pairs. I really like the stretch!