Style Day: Ideas for brown & black outfits

For my first “style day” post, I wanted to share a little history of my style. Simple is one word I would use to describe my style. I’m not the person you’ll see with tons of accessories on. I do always carry a purse, but I don’t get a new one or switch all that often. There’s too much to carry and too little time to change it over. Classic is another word I would use to describe my style. I want to get the most wear from my pieces, even if I do get a deal on them, so I’ll often times pick a classic shape over a trendy one. None of my outfit posts will ever be overly trendy (though I do get sucked in by some) or “runway-esque,” but rather tips to enrich your own style with items you most likely already have in your closet.

Often times I hear “don’t wear brown with black” from the same people who still cling to “no white after Labor Day.” Just like white after Labor Day has been debunked, not pairing black with brown has been foiled as well.  One thing you can’t do is mix certain shades of brown with black.  DARK brown, anything considered black/brown, just doesn’t work. It looks like a faded monochromatic look, in my opinion. What does work, though, is throwing in some patterns and textures. This is how I mixed brown and black:

 photo null_zpse13bc34e.jpg

Sweater: J.Crew (exact, similar) Top: J. Crew (exact, factory, similar) Necklace: J. Crew (similar
Skirt: J. Crew (exact style, similar) Shoes: Seychelles (similar)

Obviously I included pattern. My skirt is shades of brown and tan, and my sweater is a cognac shade of brown. To balance it out, I wore those items with black shoes and a black top. I also put together some other options, built around the textured brown jacket below. One look is more tailored than the other. The combo on the right feels equestrian to me, with the riding boots and slim jeans. How do you like to put black and brown together?

Black & Brown

 photo hd_blogsignature_zps3a33c6df.jpg

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  1. I love mixing black and brown actually! Especially that shade you are using there. Great ideas and I want that skirt!

  2. I like to mix brown and black myself! Also, love how your outfit is all J. Crew. I noticed you include a gold chunky necklace in your set below-I keep considering that trend but haven't tried it yet. Also, is the polyvore app easy to use? Thanks as always- I'm so thrilled to be reading your style posts.

    1. Haha! I didn't realize how much of my outfit was J.Crew, but I assume that probably happens a lot without me noticing! lol. I don't use the polyvore app so much as the website. The website is very easy to use.