Five Tips to Save at J.Crew :: Tip #5

Growing up, my house was full of catalogs. My mom is very much the creative type. She never knew when she was going to need to reach for one for inspiration or reference.

As a result of this, I was familiar with one of my favorite brands early on in life: J.Crew. I can remember my first purchase. It was 2002. Mom took me to Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time, there were only two or three locations in Atlanta, compared to the six now. I had saved my own money for this trip. I purchased black wedge flip flops and a pink ribbed tank top. You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a store with great stuff and it’s yours? This was the first of many of those times.

The flip flops are sadly no longer with us, but the tank top is! It is not my size anymore, but is still being worn by a friend. That tank top is a testament to why J.Crew is still so popular: quality and style. Though a tank top may not be the screaming style statement piece that a jeweled collar necklace is, that tank top is going to continue to contribute to the wearer’s style for years to come as a closet staple. Combining quality and style makes it a no brainer to shop there. The biggest hold up for most is pricing. When you have champagne taste, you figure out how to get it on a beer budget.

Many people ask me how I get great deals on my J.Crew items. I decided to start a series of the main avenues I use to save.  Here is number five of five tips I’ve used to save money at J.Crew that I hope help you stay on budget (and in style) while shopping J.Crew:

five tips to save at J.Crew tip #5 ::

Tip #5: Decide if the J.Crew credit card is right for you. 

 With the card you get free alterations on full priced items, a very personal stylist, and a $25 gift card for every $500 you spend per quarter, and other benefits. Getting a little back is a great perk and a good way to save. $500 may seem like a lot of money because it is, but look at how much you spend on small purchases at Target or Old Navy over the course of three months. There may be times you spend enough to get a gift card back and times you don’t, but the other perks aren’t dependent on how much you spend. When you are on the hunt for a specific item, having a very personal stylist really helps. Also early access is available for some items. Spending on credit is dangerous for some, so I’m not advocating getting a card at all costs, but evaluate your spending habits at J.Crew and how well you manage your money before deciding.

Have you found that the J.Crew card works for you? Have you used any of the perks? Let me know!
Keep on the look out for tip number 4 soon!

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  1. Yikes!! Super tempting! I don't have one, but given my monthly purchases I probably should… Thanks for sharing.