Five Tips to Save at J.Crew :: Tip #3

Here’s tip number three in my series:
five tips to save at J.Crew tip #5 ::

Tip #3: Make a trip. 

Countless times I’ve ordered something online, perhaps even full price, to find it already on sale in the store. Fortunately for all us J. Crew fans, there are some quite devoted ladies that try to keep up with things on sale. The lovely Gigi, of Gigi’s Gone Shopping, keeps an “in real life” picture and pricing guide updated regularly as does Fabulous Florida Mommy. These are great resources. Use them! Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on their sites, it never hurts to call the store to make sure before you go, especially if you’re like me and live an hour from your closest one. If you call, have your item name and number ready.

I know for some this just isn’t possible. Perhaps you live in a state where there is no J.Crew or your nearest one is several hours away. These guides can help you keep track of how low an item may get online.

Missed the previous tips? Check out number five and number four. Have you been able to use any of the tips yet? Let me know!

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  1. I wish I had a J.Crew here! Also, just wanted to say I adore Gigi's blog, thanks for turning me on to it…Hope all is well.