Style Day: Basic Tank Remix

Better late than never? Maybe. Regardless Monday was not going to pass without a remix! Even if it was from last Wednesday. That’s as good as it gets.
Remixing and Basic Tank ::
sunnies:: Tory Burch perscription scarf:: J.Crew cardi:: J.Crew Factory tank:: J.Crew chinos:: J.Crew Waverly (similar) shoes:: Birkenstocks
Last week was so crazy, so my hair air dried and once again, I wasn’t wearing a stitch of make up in these pictures. With preparations for the International Convention going on and getting everything in order at work to be gone for the weekend, getting “completely” dressed wasn’t really my first priority. When I say completely dressed, I mean accessorizing, doing hair, and putting on make up. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that when I’m stressed and busy, the first thing I start letting go of is myself. Thank goodness for things like a plain tank. Tanks have been on heavy rotation with the hot weather outside and cold weather in my office. I cannot live without this tank! Despite the fact that I really don’t like white tops, since they tend to be a little translucent, it’s a closet necessity. Also I just want to take a minute and declare my love for my Birkens. Yes, I did the trend the first time. No, these are not just like the ones I had when I was 9. I had the two strap sandals back then. And the clogs. And they got worn with short-alls. Let’s not discuss it. These are a little more my speed. Slightly trendier with the patent leather and still just as comfortable. These babies saved my feet this past weekend walking back and forth to the Georgia Dome for the convention.
Is there a piece in your wardrobe that isn’t your favorite, but can’t live without? Have you gotten on the Birken train yet? (I don’t plan on getting off…)
Remixing and Basic Tank ::
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  1. Would you believe I sold my like new Birkenstocks Ibezeh sandals on posh for $20 in January?! Right before Jcrew mailed the catalog that launched this come back?! Also, I don't own any Wavery Chinos and you look fabulous in this scarf and without makeup!

  2. Didn't everyone wear two-strapped Birks with overalls? Oh…just us? Hahaha that's okay; you rock this look! (And I'm certain you did then, too!) I can definitely relate to letting go of style when you're stressed and tired and busy. It happens. And that International Convention sounds SO official! I hope you're doing well 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Sunday Best!

  3. Very cute outfit today and having basic tanks like this are great wardrobe staples.

  4. What a chic outfit! I love it! I wear basic tanks all the time, especially for layering. They are a must-have, for sure!

  5. Very cute! I just can't get back on the Birken train. I did it in high school and I really didn't even like them then…


  6. What a great outfit – those pants are fantastic! I agree with you about the Birks – I won't do the clogs or the two wide strapped versions this time around, but they have a few styles out that I'd DEFINITELY try out again. I loved my Birks back in the day because they were SO comfortable!!

  7. Love these chinos, and hooray for the Birks train! I never had REAL Birkenstocks, but I definitely had the Target knockoffs. If I could wear the sandal version to work, you bet I'd have a pair, but I can't wear open-toed shoes. Lame.


  8. Great outfit!!

    I'm still on the fence about Birks. I have a couple of old pairs, but I don't really like them for anything other than running errands. I do love the looks I've been seeing with the traditional two strap version, but I can't decide if I should get them.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  9. The two strap version is something that I just can't do again. Oy! Those childhood pictures! I really like these though.

  10. That's REALLY lame! I have worn these to work several times, but our office is pretty casual. I'm going to confess a little secret, I scored these for $40 off Amazon new. I couldn't quite believe it myself.

  11. As a kid I was all about comfort so of course I had Birkens. These and the Gizeh's are pretty cute for Birks. My friend has a really cute pair of Gizeh's. They're sparkly silver with purple rubber on the bottom!

  12. See… I liked them the first time, so it didn't take much to get me back on the train. The comfort is undeniable.

  13. The prima jersey one I'm wearing was the first tank that I really liked, so when it went on sale+percent off sale I went for that! It's perfect for summer.

  14. Thanks Abby! I'll have to wait for fall too see how I can keep layering them. They've been a great purchase.

  15. Awww! Thanks Lindz! What a bummer that you sold them. :/ Even though I don't care for the way comfortable shoes look, they become something necessary to hang on to. I'm so sad that they discontinued the waverly because I like them so much more than the Andie.

  16. HAHA! I feel like people are now! Overalls will be the last trend I ever endorse again. Hope to not miss a Sunday best ! I love linking up. 🙂

  17. I'm not crazy about Bikrenstocks, but those who have them claim they are the most comfortable shoes ever, and as someone who is always suffering for their shoes, I guess I can appreciate that.

    A white basic for layering is really a closet essential, it's so important to find one you love.

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. I really like this look, olive green and black is always a good combination. Love this scarf too!

  19. I wouldn't say I'm crazy about them, but I'm all for comfort and having worn them the first time around… it was only a matter of time…unfortunately for me but fortunately for my feet.

    It was quite the challenge, but I do love this white basic FINALLY!

  20. Thanks Inge! I felt kinda fall-ish in this outfit. It's probably wishful thinking.

  21. Thank you Elana! I just grabbed the scarf on the way out the door and was surprised at how well it worked.

  22. I admit, I pass on keeping myself put together when things get crazy too. Hair air dried, no nail polish, same shoes with no thought to the ensemble. I feel ya. BUT you look gorgeous and I love that combo