Striped Knit Blazer Remix

I’m going to pretend like it’s Monday on a Tuesday because I want a do-over. It was a productive day at work though, so I’ll count that as a mark in the “pros” column for yesterday, but that might be it.

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blazer:: Merona (this year’s) belt:: J.Crew (similar) dress:: Madewell bag:: Kate Spade New York shoes:: Mossimo (similar)
These aren’t the best pictures (and my hair+humidity don’t mix) and you’re only getting three, so second Monday fail, but this was so comfortable and I loved how it was pretty much all knit. Structured knits are my best friends. Stretch and fit? It doesn’t happen that often in garments, so Im scooping them up.
Technically I’m already in my fall wardrobe, but I haven’t finalized the number or pieces. The pieces I’ve been wearing are part of the 60-ish I’ve got hanging up, but I’m trying to continue to whittle it down. I’ve got a rough idea hanging in the closet and I hope to make my final decisions this week. 
What do you think about structured knits? Favorite or pass?
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  1. I love structured knits! I would buy a ponte blazer in every color if I could. But then my closet would be even more ridiculously full, so I won't. I hope your Tuesday is better than Monday was!

  2. Thank you Sara! Sometimes I want to just trade it all in and wear a wig. They're definitely not as confining. And the sleeves move with me. I have chunky upper arms and knit blazers enable me to get a good fit in the body and then stretch in the arms.