September recap:: So long September

And another month bites the dust. Quickly at that. Like really quickly. Most of my September was spent planning for vacation, then taking said vacation. There were tons of other fun things that happened during the month too!

  • Birchbox and Benefit Beauty Bash:: Y’all, I felt so big time! I was chosen to host a Birchbox and Benefit Beauty Bash for the first ever National Wing Women Weekend. I was so excited until I found out it was going to happen while I was on vacation, but then stoked because I got to appreciate my Disney Wing Women at Dapper Day. Love those girls!
  • Vacation FINALLY!:: I spent ten days at our favorite vacation spot. You’ve seen enough of that though. If you missed them last week, here’s the Disney posts:: one two three four.
  • Finished my first capsule:: Amidst the simplification frenzy, I also jumped on the band wagon and completed more of a 27 pieces for 31 days challenge, but it helped me to mentally and purchase wise prepare for a fall capsule. Check out my recaps:: one two and three.
Here’s what I was reading this past month::
  • Amanda reminds us that sometime the best friends we meet in the most unconventional ways. She’s also starting a weekly “from one mama to another” feature on her blog. If you’re a mama, go sign up to participate!
  • Recently, I found Sarah, and I haven’t stopped laughing since. She is hilarious!! I’ve learned so much from her blog.
  • This past week, I rode one of my favorite rides for the last time. This article discusses the reasons why timing is everything.
  • We all wish it just happened, but it doesn’t. Every day starts with stress. These four tips from Chriselle I’ve been trying to keep in mind every morning.
  • Yesterday, I fell in love with Hootsuite. I’ve been making my life so hard! This article helped me get a grasp on the beginners side of things and hopefully it can only help me more! (Thanks for the recommendation Karen!)
  • There hasn’t been a minute that has passed that I haven’t been thinking about fall. The weather, clothes, food, smells– did I say clothes? Into Mind rounded up all of her wardrobe resources in one nice place, and I keep going back to it as I prepare for fall.
  • Today Bethany discusses how to make a weekly schedule work for you. I’m taking to heart recommendation 2.
What did you do this month?

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