Rainy Day Picks

If you’re on the east coast, most likely you’re dealing with rain or snow today. It has been raining since I got up this morning. My day so far has been me, the laptop, and the dog browsing the J.Crew website, a dangerous past time. I know this won’t be the last rainy day this winter, so I wanted to share my picks for enjoying a rainy day.

Rainy Day Picks ~ www.hayesdays.com
As much as I love the matching sets in theory, they never translate into me wearing them. Instead, I buy incredibly comfortable bottoms to wear with an oversized tee. It’s just how I roll.
I am in love with the fancy sweatshirt trend. It’s right up my alley, since I’m always looking for basics with something special.
Water is usually what I drink all day, but when it’s cold, I like hot drinks. I’d rather drink hot tea, coffee, or even better, hot cocoa all day. This mix is delicious if you’re a chocolate lover. (And I hope you all got the “wicked cup of cocoa” reference.)
These mugs are downright adorable and shaped like the character they look like. Disney has produced a whole series. My sister and brother in law gave us the ones shaped like Wall-e and Eve for our anniversary.
Midnight in Paris quickly became one of my favorite movies after seeing it. It never gets old for me. I love to watch it when it’s raining because Paris is magical in the rain.
Often times, rainy days are when I finish a book (or two). This is my current read. If you’re a Disney lover like me, this is one of my favorites so far. You should definitely pick up Walt Disney: An American Original by Bob Thomas.
SEVEN ~ Pamper a bit.
I tend to pamper myself a little when it rains. My favorite thing to do is paint all my nails. Julep polishes are my go to brand and the new neutrals set has perfect essential colors.
Should you have to walk to the mailbox, walk the dog, or, heaven forbid, actually leave the house make sure you have a big umbrella! This J.Crew tartan plaid one fits the bill perfectly.
NINE ~ Rain boots.
Since we’re discussing the possibility of leaving the house (read: jumping in puddles), good rain boots are also essential. As much as I lust after Hunter rain boots, I live on a farm and have to be practical about rubber boot purchases. My cousin showed me that not all crocs look like the horrid ones chef Mario Batali made famous. Their rubber boots wear well and I highly recommend them!
What are you doing on this rainy day?
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  1. I also love that movie. 🙂 Cute sweater and boots and both are great prices. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a great rainy day list! I like to do a little pampering myself…just so it doesn't end up being an "aww..I'm stuck inside day". These things make it a "Yayy it's raining day!"

    1. I thought it was cute too! I didn't see it at my target, but I live in a college town and cute, cheap stuff leaves the shelves quicker than hot krispy kremes!

  3. I want ALL the fancy sweatshirts. And I want to wear them every day! LOL I have two from Old Navy, a black one with chain neck detail, and an oatmeal one with gold sequin dots.