Plain ‘ol Tank Dress

It’s summer and it’s a plain ol tank dress. No new news. I’m still in love. Since it’s navy, I’m linking up with Andi and Kate on their most recent theme week!

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sunglasses:: Ralph Lauren prescription (similar) necklace:: J.Crew (similar) vest:: J.Crew dress:: J.Crew bag:: Phillip Lim for Target via Poshmark closet @keepingupwithmel (the non-Target one) shoes:: Sole Society (similar, also love)

You know the current auto insurance commercials where someone says, “Did you know you could save 15% or more in 15 minutes on your car insurance?” Then the other actor says, “Everybody knows that.” That’s me when I tell people how much I love this dress. Broken record here. I wore this yesterday and swapped the necklace for this one in the coral and the shoes for these in the gray before I bolted out the door. Now that I have the navy version (and gray) in addition to my black one, these may just be all you see on the blog for the next few weeks. Well that’s a lie. When this dress came in the mail, other goodies did too, like the denim vest I’m wearing. Because I can’t wait to wear new things, I played dress up in my own closet for a few hours and took pictures for a few different outfits. With the weather being so un-Georgia-in-August, I took full advantage of the breezy non-humid weather. It’s been amazing. So three weeks from now all you’ll see is the tank dress. That’s no lie.

Make sure you check out Andi and Kate’s theme week. It’s all about navy, my favorite color– to wear that is. My favorite color of all time is purple. And I’m getting off subject. You can’t tell me you don’t love navy too.

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  1. When you find a good dress, it's worth wearing and talking about over and over! And this is a great dress!

  2. I see why you love it! It's a blank canvas that could totally be styled a million and 1 ways. It looks perfect like this though 🙂

  3. Great outfit! I love denim vests and I feel like anytime I don't know what to wear, I somehow put something similar together and always feel good. I also love the combo of the navy and light denim and that great purse.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  4. Super cute! And of course I have that purse, and of course, navy is my favorite color. 😉

  5. LOL! I've really liked having the purse. I picked it up kinda late to the game (like last week) and I'm glad I kept looking for one in my price range.

  6. Yes! That's exactly what I found. As much as I love my denim jacket, it's no bueno in summer. I do have this very strong urge to bedazzle the vest and cover it with patches, but I'm trying to keep 7-year-old me at bay.

  7. Thanks Danielle! I love seeing back in the blogging world! You have been missed!

  8. Thanks Jackie! Tee/tank dresses seem to have been my saving grace this summer.

  9. Navy can be such a great color for summer looks I think, and your outfit is the perfect of example of that! Love it paired with the denim vest and sandals – I'd want to wear this dress constantly too!

  10. I love this outfit, Meghan! I have a dress very much like this, but I outgrew it like right after I bought it. I have gotten rid of everything in my closet that doesn't fit me right now, except for my navy tank dress and maroon 3/4-sleeve dress, because I love them so dang much and am determined to fit back into them 🙂