My Favs on Thursdays: Stripes

It’s Thursday! Time to share my favorite of the week. This week, I decided to go really broad and declare my love for stripes. 

My love for patterns doesn’t stop at stripes, but if you saw my wardrobe (which there have been a few glimpses of it on here) you can definitely see the stripes trend in my choices. So I picked out a few striped items to share. Some of them I own, some of them I wish to own, some are just pretty, but they’re all striped and perfect.

So are you with me and millions of other ladies in the love for stripes? What’s your favorite pattern?

It wouldn’t be a Thursday with Katy and Nicole, of course, sharing our favorites. Want to share too? Link to the three of us in your post and make sure to comment on our posts so we can check out your favorites too!

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