My Favs on Thursdays: Stella & Dot

Here’s my favs for this week, along with Katy and Nicole, of course. Want to share too? Link up with us using the inlink below!

Even though this was Nicole’s favorite last week, I’m going to get a little more specific with my Stella & Dot favorites. In fact so specific I’m sharing the actual items I got in the mail from my very first trunk show last Friday.

I went a little crazy with the crazy stripe stuff. Though Stella & Dot is known for their jewelry, which is very pretty by the way, I needed some more functional travel pieces and daily pieces. 
From left to right:: Hang on, Chelsea Tech Wallet, Pouf 
I have several great duffle bags, but not many organizers. After seeing the “Hang On” in person, I decided it was perfect.
The Hang On has a metal hanger on the top and it folds in three times and velcros together. There are two small half pockets in the top compartment, one long one in the middle, and a deep clear pocket on the bottom. My favorite part of this travel roll up? There are NO pockets where it bends. Also there are ample inches for it to still close neatly even if it’s full. Most hang up organizers aren’t thought out this well. Trust me, I have been looking for a good one for years.
I also decided to try out one of their poufs for extra storage. The lining is great. Everything is wipe off type fabric. Also there are these cute little sayings sewn or stamped into their products. The pouf was not as big as I was expecting, but they run a buy two get one half off deal on the poufs, so I’m thinking they encourage you to purchase more so that you have more room. I like how wide it is. It’s long enough for make up brushes to lay long ways and not have to be crooked. It’s going to fit my stray items in my purse well.
This was the item I was most excited about! So much more room for the things! The only thing I was a little disappointed about is that there isn’t a clear slot for your ID. Otherwise, this is the perfect wallet. Theres a pocket inside that fits my iPhone perfectly and two very large pockets. The wrist strap is detachable, so you can just carry the wallet and use it as a clutch or use it without in a larger purse. Again, I was impressed with the materials used for this piece.
I’ll be updating you along the way with how all these items wear, but I’m expecting some great results! What do you think about Stella & Dot? If you’re looking to order, check out Nicole’s trunk show here and enter her giveaway for a gift bag by clicking here. Make sure you link up with us and share your favorites today!

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  1. These are so cute! Definitely something I need because I am horrible at organizing for trips!

    xx Cara

  2. That is cute, out of all of those I must say Im most in love with the hang on, I travel a decent amount between for fun and or visiting family for various holidays during the year, so something like that would be sooooo handy!

  3. These are so great! I wish I had a friend that sold S& D I need that organizer in my life!

  4. My friend also uses her hang on just in her bathroom for storage. She says there's no need to unpack anything since it works better than anything in her bathroom for organization needs. Also they've been on lots of trips this summer so I can totally understand leaving it packed all the time. It's convenient both ways.

  5. After going to the show, I seriously was thinking about it, but I can't imagine adding anything else to my plate right now. Wishing I had a platter for everything I'm currently trying to fit on there.