My Favs on Thursdays: Staedtler Pens

It’s Thursday! It wouldn’t be a Thursday with Katy and Nicole, of course, sharing our favorites. Want to share too? Link to the three of us in your post and make sure to comment on our posts so we can check out your favorites too!

This week, my new favorite thing are these Staedtler pens. Not just a few either. The mother of all packs with 20 different shades of pens. 
Tuesday I got these precious pens from the UPS man via Amazon. I have used the basic black and blue from Staedtler before and am a big fan of the Papermate Flair pens, but the biggest pack of Flair only goes up to 16. Of course I was allured by four more colors. The triplus fineliner actually comes in a full 30 colors, which is exciting. They feel like Pokemon to me; I gotta catch them all! The tip is very fine and the colors are so vivid. I’ve been using them almost constantly and the fine tip hasn’t become blunt. While looking at the related products on Amazon, this book came up:
This inky treasure hunt book is my second favorite thing this week. Coloring the teeny tiny detailed drawings in this book and following the treasure hunt with my new Staedtler pens has been amazingly relaxing and cathartic at the end of the days this week. Also all I can think of is the Secret Garden and how much I watched that movie as a child. So nostaligic as well.

This is my progress so far on the first picture. I may even be addicted.

So what is your favorite this week? Let us know!

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  1. This is so fun! Of course, as a teacher I love a good set of pens. And then as a mom, I love a good coloring book for Liv. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah! My grad school BFF is obsessed with these pens as well, and she loves to use them to take notes in class. As someone who spent most of 6-9 grade coloring in intricate coloring books with Gelly Roll pens (remember those?!), I am envious of both your pens and your coloring book… Also, it makes me happy to see adults that like to color as well – it's my stress relief, and I have more crayons than your average 6 year old… 🙂

  3. Ashley! Thanks for stopping by. I think they should DEFINITELY make your list. 🙂

  4. Those pens sound so cool. I love spicing up boring notes with fun colored pens. I also have a bit of an obsession with office supplies, I have way more cute notebooks then I know what to do with.

  5. I have SUCH an obsession with office supplies so I feel ya! I collect notebooks. It pains me to write in them.

  6. Right! I always love to keep them in pristine condition, it feels wrong marking them up.