My Favs on Thursdays: Sparkly Ever After

It’s Thursday! It wouldn’t be a Thursday with Katy and Nicole, of course, sharing our favorites. Want to share too? Link to the three of us in your post and make sure to comment on our posts so we can check out your favorites too!
I’m a sucker for people following their dreams and doing what they love, so when an Instagram/Disney friend of mine, Nicole, of Sparkly Ever After, started an Etsy shop, I couldn’t NOT brag on her. Nicole has started making these adorable tulle bows with nothing less than amazing sparkle. They’re so cute! I ordered a pink one today and cannot wait to get it in the mail!
Make sure you check Nicole out, especially if you’re a fellow Disney lover! She’s there all the time taking fabulous pictures and she’s always doing giveaways on her Instagram! 
Don’t forget to share your favorites with us.

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