My Favs on Thursdays: Repost app

Happy Thursday everyone! My goal is to not let a Thursday pass without sharing my favorite thing of the week, so better late than not at all this week! Make sure you check out Katy and Nicole to see what their fav on Thursday is, and if you want to share yours with us, make sure to link to the three of us and comment your blog post in the comments section.

It’s going to be short and sweet this week because my favorite is just so simple. It’s the Repost App for Instagram. 
This app is everything I didn’t know I needed. Instead of having to take a screenshot of a photo to share it and then trying to make sure you crop it, credit it, and get all your hashtags right– you no longer have to worry about at least two of those with this app. So many small businesses are running giveaways via IG now. Repost app makes it easy to enter those. The steps are simple too. Open Repost, select the photo you want to post, then it opens in Instagram where you can still add a caption or a filter and share it via other social networks. It’s great! Also did I mention, it’s FREE?! You have to deal with an ad or two, but the ease of use is worth it.
Have you been using Repost? Any other apps I need to check out that make Instagram easier?

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  1. [ I've been naughty and slacking these last two Thursdays. Forgive me. I'll be back in action next week. ] I might need to download this. I've been avoiding adding more IG apps to my phone but this might be a necessity.