My Favs on Thursdays: Rack It Up

Get ready for it… here is comes… I know the anticipation was killing you and here it is in all it’s glory: Thursday! And that means My Favs on Thursdays! Make sure you check out Katy and Nicole to see what they’re favoriting this week!

My Favs on Thursdays 1.23 ~  Rack It Up
This week I want to introduce you to Rack It Up. It’s worthy of being your favorite thing too. 
My Favs on Thursdays 1.23 ~  Rack It Up
Becky, of The Pumpkin Spot Blog, wrote this wonderful post about Rack It Up about a month ago, but I was skeptical. The Google description reads:

Collect your favorite items in your virtual dream closet. Sit back, relax and wait for us to email you when any item in your closet goes on sale.

I already get what I would consider a bunch of spam emails that send me entire lists of sale items at store websites. Do I ever look at them? No. Most of it is not my size or not my taste or still not in my price range. Rack It Up solves all three of those issues, and more. Plus, you actually DO get an email notification when the item goes on sale! Dreams do come true!

I was going to do a tutorial on how to “rack it up,” but the two genius ladies behind making our dreams come true, Alexandra and Briana, already have a tutorial of how to rack. It’s so simple! You install the “rack it up” button on your tool bar/bookmarks bar. On a supported website (don’t worry! They’re adding more as we speak!), click the button and this neat window full of options pulls up. Here’s the window for one of my wish list J.Crew items for late winter/early spring:

My Favs on Thursdays 1.23 ~  Rack It Up
J.Crew Camo Tee
(Yes, I know I can get less expensive camo, but, no, it will not be the fabulous linen/cotton blend that J.Crew has me addicted to.)

Fill out all the boxes. The “Notify me when” box has three options: if the item is on sale, if the item has dropped a dollar amount, or if it goes a percentage off. It is then “racked” in your virtual closet! You can follow other users closets and rack items from their closets too.

Next comes the icing on the cake: the email alerting you that the item you racked is on sale! I received one on Tuesday:
My Favs on Thursdays 1.23 ~  Rack It Up
If the price still isn’t what you’re looking for, you can go in an edit the “notify me when” box to suit your needs. 
For me, Rack It Up fills the void that Pinterest and Polyvore left me with. Collages with Polyvore, picture lists with Pinterest, and now letting me know when I can afford the item with Rack It Up. Perfect, no? I thought so too. Head on over to Rack It Up and start racking up the savings those spring wish list items! (I just had to… pun TOTALLY intended.) Leave me your member closet web address in the comments so I can follow your closet. If you read this blog, I already know you have fabulous taste.
What are you favoriting this week? NicoleKaty, and I would love to know.
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