My Favs on Thursdays:: Plaid

My Favs on Thursdays is a weekly link up with my best bloggy buddies Katy and Nicole and share our favorite thing of the week

So I’m being a lazy blogger today and not being specific with my favorites, which are coming at the minimum two hours late today. Though I thoroughly enjoyed spending all day with my friends 1.5 year old, he’s pretty darn exhausting!

Plaids are always my favorites. Madras, tartan, gingham. There’s so many patterns and cloths, it makes plaid accessible for all seasons. It seems like fall makes people get more into the plaids though, and on into winter. Definitely understandable, since most plaids lend themselves to scarves and flannel materials. Here’s a variety of plaid patterns ready for fall!

Can you tell I like buffalo check plaid? What’s your favorite kind of plaid pattern? Be honest, how much is in your fall and winter wardrboe? I know just about every pair of pj bottoms I own are plaid. Don’t forget to link up and share your favorites with us this week!.

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  1. I looooove plaid, especially on my guy. And for myself of course too, I just got a cute plaid dress from old navy, its a nice simple black and white so then I can pair it with more fall colors like my favorite burgundy

  2. Did you get the buffalo plaid dress??? I got one too, but I have plans to make it into a top and skirt. But I got the red. Not sure that will work well with the burgundy like the black and white will.

  3. No It wasn't the buffalo plaid one, although I was tempted. Its a more chiffony plaid one! Oooh Im intrigued to see your dress as a shirt and skirt though!