My Favs on Thursdays:: Fall Smells

Fall weather came full force yesterday in Georgia. Highs of 70° read fall all over for me. We keep our house at 68° all the time, so it’s pretty much fall all the time in our house. Another way I make it feel like fall is adding my favorite scent to the house. 

Sarah Dowdy, over at How Stuff Works states, “A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people’s moods and even affect their work performance.” Behind burning leaves and old books, the Bergamot Tobacco smell is one of my favorite smells of all time. This is one of those smells that bring about a flood of memories. It’s the smell my best friend’s mom keeps in their house year round. He lives in Taiwan now, and obviously, I’m in Georgia, so I don’t get to see him much. When I walk through the door after I get home and right before I walk out I’m reminded of all the awesome times we had growing up together when I smell this, and it makes me smile. So maybe it’s the memories that makes this my favorite scent, but either way, its solidified as my favorite! Bergamot is closely associated with fall in my mind though, and the colors in this potpourri are quintessentially fall. It makes for a quick and easy ready for fall decor switch in the house too. 

My favorite fall scent is actually on sale already at Pottery Barn. Even though it wouldn’t evoke the memories for you, if you’re looking for a fall scent to introduce into your home, order some now! We put out our first batch two months ago and it still smells amazing- even through all our spice-filled cooking!

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  1. i was soo excited about the weather the past 2 days. i've been outside a lot and have been loving it. i've got pumpkiny candles burning right now–i'm picky about just the right scent of pumpkin. apple cinnamon is another fall fave