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In my blog reading on Monday, I came across East &’s post about “6 Workout Tips You Haven’t Heard Before.” Though I may have heard them before (except #3 and #5– no one ever tells you those), it’s always nice to hear the reminders when you recently re-start on a healthy path. #1 was the tip that struck a chord with me. Don’t wait to buy new work out clothes. I’ve never heard it put better. I get excited to work out if I have new work out clothes. I’ll buy play clothes as a reward. One of the best ways I’ve found to keep myself pumped is Fabletics.

First introduced to me by my friend Aubrey (and recently Nikki posted about them), Fabletics is a subscription service for work out gear! I love a good subscription service, but this is probably my favorite. Every month you get to choose an outfit. That simple. Your first one is only $25. And don’t sweat (pun totally intended) if you need to skip a month that’s a-okay! If you forget to log on an pick an outfit, you’ll earn a credit towards a future outfit that you really want. My last outfit I picked was called “Aruba.”I honestly don’t care what it’s called, but I HAD TO HAVE THOSE CAPRIS! I loved that print. This was my third Fabletics outfit and I was just as impressed as I was with the first.

Sorry the pictures are so terrible. I had just gone for a jog, it was 1,001% humidity (it felt like Florida y’all), and it was probably 8:30 PM. Yeah those are not ingredients for great pictures. I love the outfit though. It came with a sports bra, which none of those really work for me (though I love the VS Sport ones, they WORK), but you can choose outfits without bras. I loved the tank and was equally in love with the pants when they came. Everything I’ve ordered has been true to size. I haven’t tried a ton of their pieces, seeing as how I prefer to work out in capris, but each piece hasn’t disappointed. Nothing better to get me pumped for evening exercise like coming home to a new outfit!
If you’re looking for some mid-year motivation or some motivation to keep that beach body you’ve worked so hard on, think about Fabletics. What tricks do you use to keep motivated?
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  1. YAY! Running twinsies!!! I'm still impressed with the quality of Fabletics, even after months. I'm thinking about getting some plain black skinny Fabletics pants (I know, leggings as pants) because around here everyone is wearing Lululemon yoga pants in boots as the weather cools. Might be my new airport pant, as all the other ponte pants I've worn don't fit right anymore or have pilled. Fabletics holds up to my workouts at the right price!

  2. Yes, those pants are fantastic, and I think you are right, having something cute (and clean) to put on is key. I might have to try a VS bra, since everything I pick up, even the ones that say high impact, do nothing. And finding DD bras is a challenge. There was only one last time I was at TJMaxx, and it was bright neon yellow, which I was on the fence about.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Really?! I will contact them about that. It was a nice layer, but that was it. Sometimes leggings as pants just have to do, especially with as much traveling as you do. It is a good deal too. I was in Academy and to get a full outfit at the same quality was going to run me about $80. It's crazy.

  4. I've totally ordered an outfit and returned an individual piece for credit. Do it!

  5. Wow! I've never heard of Fabletics before but I'm definitely checking them out now because that outfit is SO super cute! Those capris are amazing!

  6. Aren't they?! Even if you only sign up for the first outfit and skip every other one after that, it's worth it for a $25 work out outfit!

  7. Super adorable outfit! I love my stuff from Athleta, so I would never switch to Fabletics. It's a great idea though!

  8. Haha! Don't you have to say that? Kidding. 🙂 I'm not really partial to any particular brand of work out clothing, I like Fabletics concept though. Does Athleta do a subscription service too?

  9. I am super jealous you got those capris! I really wanted them and then they were all sold out! So adorable!


  10. What an awesome idea!! That subscription service sounds great, and I can definitely understand why you just had to have those capris!!

  11. Not to bud in on this convo but ahem… I learned that Academy also gets their stuff made for them, so you are paying full price for a Nike shirt, capris ect. that are nothing more than a cheaper made product, think JCrew Factory, that they are selling for similar price.

  12. That would explain why my Nike outlet stuff is nicer than the stuff I get on clearance at Academy. Their prices are much higher than the nike outlet too.

  13. LOL. I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth– or at some point in life!

  14. I was looking in the "sale" section today and a pair of capris that had previously sold out were back in stock, so I would take a look over the next month or so. The pattern is probably one of my favorites they've put out so far.

  15. I've been hearing about Fabletics! One of the parts of my wardrobe I want to tackle after I have this baby is workout gear. It needs some SERIOUS revamping!

  16. Hey baby comes first! My work out gear before fabletics was my husbands gym shorts and an oversized tee, so this is a major improvement.

  17. I honestly cannot remember the last time I purchased workout gear. Maybe this is something I need to focus on. 🙂