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My Favs on Thursday is a weekly link up with my best bloggy buddies Katy and Nicole and share our favorite thing of the week

How confusing is that title? I know, but I could not think of any other way to phrase this. Blogging is hard work. I’m sure most of you would agree with me there. Rewarding, but hard. It’s become that hobby that keeps me sane though. I’m so proud of my little corner of the Internet, but I always want to make it better. What keeps me coming back is this amazing community of bloggers takes care of their own just like a family. There are so many bloggers out there with great free resources that I’ve found useful. These are my favorite bloggers that blog about, well, blogging.

blogs with great resources :: With bold pinnable graphics for her posts, I’m sure you’ve seen them and maybe even pinned them. She offers advice for bloggers and creative business owners, as well as e-courses. Recently, I printed this daily, weekly, monthly checklist and am trying to use it to help me be a better blogger. There are also other printables available on her blog, like this one for helping you create a style guide for your blog.

East&:: Nadine blogs about her life and makes some fabulous contributions to the rest of the blog world. She maintains a blog resource round up page on her blog and is the source of this pin I’ve seen every where and I search for it (and use the links) all the time.

The Nectar Collective:: Melyssa’s blogs is one of my favorites to just look at and admire. The colors are so pleasing to me. She recently started offering blogger consultations and is always offering tips in her posts. I’m also using her recent printable for ten minute blogging tips.

xoSarah:: Holy blog tips Batman! It’s what Sarah does for a living and she so generously shares her knowledge. She also hosts a blog course and blog club for bloggers to help them grow their spaces. She’s also the source of this pin, which is an entire make over for your blog. On some Fridays during the course of the month between 8 AM and 5 PM you can post a link to your blog in the comments on her post and she gives you a through tip for your blog. I did it last week and now need to do what she said!

Life Could be a Dream:: I loved what Jana had to share so much, I decided to sponsor her this month. I’ve been very impressed and she has been so helpful. I bragged on Jana before in this post and she has more to share, not just about sponsorships. She generously shared her sponsorship worksheet with me and has some of the best twitter tips.

These are just a few of the bloggers that have amazing resources. I’m always pinning stuff on my “for the blog” board that I find helpful. Who have you found that has great blogging tips? Sharing is caring!

Remember to share you faves this Thursday with me, Katy, and Nicole by linking up below!

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  1. I'm bookmarking this for when I have more time. I love seeing all these resources in one spot!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, friend! 🙂 I love most of those blogs you mentioned as well. The one I hadn't discovered before was xoSarah, but I just checked out her blog and she looks fabulous! Definitely worth following. 🙂

  3. Ah I know we've discussed these before and I couldn't agree more that some of these girls have the best tips.

  4. I noticed one or two of these on Pinterest this morning and then went on a long tangent to read a bunch of great articles on blogging! I love tips, tricks and stories!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  5. These are fantastic resources! I am pinning this to read more. I would love to Blog and these are great to read!

  6. Hi there, I'm popping in from this blog hop at Wild & Wanderful. I am always looking at ways to improve my blog and post so this was a great read. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Thanks for visiting Britt! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Haha. It sounds like a nice way of saying I'm full of useless knowledge. 😉