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My Favs on Thursdays is a weekly link up with my best bloggy buddies Katy and Nicole and share our favorite thing of the week

We’re going to get really close to my eyes today, so you’ve been warned. I love my eyebrows. That probably sounds like a weird feature to say you love, but I do. I’ve never had trouble growing full brows, but you never realize just how awesome they can be until you find something new. Billion Dollar Brows has carved a niche in the beauty market by focusing on what I feel like can be the most easily forgotten facial feature, eyebrows!

billion dollar brows best sellers kit review ::

Kohl’s and Billion Dollar Brows have teamed up to offer the best sellers kit at the best price. This kit is perfect for refining and defining your eyebrows. It comes with the universal brow pencil, clear brow gel, brow duo highlighter and concealer, and the smudge brush for perfect application of the highlighter. Check out my before and after::

billion dollar brows best sellers kit review ::
“Step 1” is application of the universal brow pencil and “step 2” is the application of the brow highlighter. The “after” picture includes application of the brow gel. Overall, it makes quite a difference in my opinion, even though I wear glasses,  making it my favorite of the week!
billion dollar brows best sellers kit review ::
What’s your favorite thing this week? Don’t forget to link up with me, Katy, and Nicole!

Though I did receive an this awesome Billion Dollar Brows kit as compensation for sharing my opinions, they for sure can’t be bought. Honesty is the best policy.*Disclaimer:  I was provided with a sample of this product free of charge, for review purposes.  This did not alter my opinion of the product and the opinions I have expressed in this post are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the United States Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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  1. Ooh Ive been wanting try to out this kit. I just got my eyebrows done recently (for the first time in two years, which sounds scary but my eyebrows really never get crazy out of control). I also wanted to point out one of the glasses I own are those same exact ray bans, except mine have a red interior.

  2. They also have another kit completely dedicated to grooming brows. I'd really like to try that one too.

  3. I really liked the universal brow pencil. I think it made the most difference of all the products. I'd love to try their kit completely dedicated to grooming the brows.

  4. I've always had quite bold brows, like, verging on caterpillar status if I let them go for a week, so I'm always excited when they're "trendy." I would whole heartedly recommend this kit!

  5. Great minds! I couldn't do the red inside because it made me kinda dizzy. lol. Weird things give me eye issues. This kit will definitely help keep them full and defined.