Late Summer Capsule:: Part 3

Catch up with parts 1 & 2. This is where I sum everything up. I started yesterday by sharing my dos and don’ts. I learned that not all my favorites make for a great wardrobe. Those functional pieces that aren’t necessarily favorites are in your wardrobe for a reason! Here’s outfits 16-30.

(sorry I had to recreate #29. it got lost somewhere)
The biggest players ended up being my functional favorites. I was surprised at how much I wore my white skirt, but seeing as how I was short on bottoms to go with my tops it makes sense. The vests I included were an easy way to make an outfit “different,” especially the dresses. Though I included my favorite strapless maxi dress, it turned out to be hard to remix and an item I didn’t wear as much. 
I would like to carry over my vests, my Madewell dress (#17) and the J.Crew black dress (#21 and #25) to the fall capsule. Given how well they worked (and how good they made me feel) I think they would work with tights and boots well. Even though I don’t like shorts and hate how I look in them, it got so hot in August (duh) and I was glad I included them for the days when I just didn’t feel like putting on a dress. 
Overall, the biggest thing I took away is that I will not be able to function with 37-ish pieces for an entire season, especially a southern season. The moment I hit 30 outfits, I leapt for joy and added about 22 more things back to my closet. That would’ve made my capsule 47 pieces. Though it wouldn’t have made dressing for this time period a “challenge,” I think I could have very well gone all summer with those 47 pieces. My capsule will be more like 50 items for fall because of that. It did help me realize the colors I like to wear and to just get rid of things that don’t fit! Though I didn’t get rid of all my other pieces of clothing (I just can’t!) it did make me get more creative with the pieces I didn’t include when I added them back. I was preparing for fall during this capsule, so I did shop, but I could totally see curbing my shopping big time being in a capsule, knowing that I had other items to swap out once I completed it.
For my trial capsule, I think I did pretty well. I’m excited that I finished it! What have you taken away from your capsules? What do you keep in mind when you’re remixing your closet? Do tell!

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  1. I like how well thought out and executed your clothing choices are. I'm all "well, this is clean and I don't feel like crap while wearing it at this exact moment so it works". You are a rockstar.

  2. Your outfits are so cute!! I think it would be interesting to try this, though I would probably give up halfway because when I find an outfit I like wearing I wear it over and over haha!

  3. Thank you so much Sara! Here's a secret, some of these outfits are repeats from earlier in the summer. And that dress, I would wear it every day!

  4. I'm doing this to try and curb my impulsiveness! Thanks so much Cara! You're too stinkin sweet!

  5. LOL! I'm having to try and find that spot myself when I am happy with what I'm wearing.

  6. I think this capsule idea is so interesting. I had never actually heard of it until Brynn started one a few weeks back. It seems like a great way to figure out what you wear and what you don't. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at being honest with myself about things I just don't wear enough, and I tend to do closet purges at least twice a year. I also try to sell an item each time I buy a new one. That being said, a capsule wardrobe would probably be a helpful way to force myself to wear the pieces I don't style as often. Thanks for sharing!


  7. From what you post on the blog, I would definitely agree with that. I discard on a monthly basis, but doing this helped force me to let some things go.

  8. Capsules have honestly helped me to get dressed. I am much more excited about my closet and getting dressed when I have fewer options, which is such a strange phenomenon. It has helped me to realize what I really like, what things I reach for often, and which things I either need to figure out how to wear or what to pitch. They force me to get creative. And it tooootally helps me stop spending money and shopping!!