Influenster #frostyvoxbox Unboxing

I was finally selected to receive a VoxBox from Influenster! I’m so excited to be able to share this extra special unboxing video with y’all for the Frosty VoxBox.

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Goodies in the box::

  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner:: I can already tell you this is seriously waterproof. After I tested it on my hand, it took several washes with dish liquid to get it off.
  • Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:: It’s a good thing this came in the box with waterproof mascara because you will need it!
  • NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum:: This color is great. The shimmer is gorgeous. Can’t wait to wear this one.
  • No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced serum:: Though I’m not quite sure this sample will be enough to tell a difference since the packaging states it takes about 2 weeks so see a difference, I’m going to give this a shot.
  • EcoTools Hair Brush:: Of all the products this one may be the most exciting to me. I’ve been using the same brush for ten years or so and I’m excited to see if this makes a difference for my hair.
  • Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea:: A decaf green tea is high on my list of must-haves since I’m a night time tea drinker. If this one tastes as good as it sounds, it might become a pantry mainstay.
  • McCormick Gourmet Thyme:: One of these things isn’t like the others– this happens to be it. Though this is my first VoxBox, it’s not my first subscription box, and I’m a little surprised to see a spice in it. It will definitely get used and smells fresh.
  • Fruit Vines Bites in Strawberry:: I’m not a huge fan of licorice in general. After Nicole pointed me to the ingredients list, I realized it was not a good idea for me to try these since they contain red40 and (when ingested) it breaks me out all over. Corey will be trying these and letting me know how they taste.

There you have my initial thoughts. Make sure you keep up with the individual reviews coming during this next month for the Rimmel products and the tea. Did you get a VoxBox? Any of these products already your favorites?

Though I did receive an this awesome Influenster #frostyvoxbox as compensation for sharing my opinions, they for sure can’t be bought. Honesty is the best policy.
*Disclaimer:  I was provided with a sample of this product free of charge, for review purposes.  This did not alter my opinion of the product and the opinions I have expressed in this post are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the United States Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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  1. That's an interesting collection of items, and the lip color sounds great. Though I bet it already exists, it would be cool to have a cooking version of these boxes with spices and gadgets and recipes!

  2. It is definitely an interesting collection. Part of me likes the variety. A complete kitchen meal in a box would be so fun. I'm going to have to google that and see if anything comes up.

  3. You're so adorable! This is the first time I went back and watched a vid you posted (usually I read your blog at work..shh!)

    This is my first VoxBox too! I got the same items you did (some people got different brushes and serums I think?) and I was confused by the thyme, too. The Boots serum feels really nice (and woot for coupons!) but definitely not enough in the packet to see a difference. The lipstick is soooo nice!

    I can't wait to see your full reviews 🙂

  4. You don't have to confess to me! I take teeny hourly breaks to do a little blog reading. I keep motivated that way. Thanks! I hate watching the videos I make. I can't stand it.

    I know that there were two different serum options, but I hadn't seen other brushes. I'll have to look at some others videos. If it had been sugar or something for baking and less like something for cooking, that would've made a little more sense, though I know folks do a lot of cooking this time of year more so than others. I was so impressed with the color of the lipstick.