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We’re finally making progress toward a big kid house. Last month we bought a real couch, which was exciting to say the least. Our family was very generous when we got married and furnished our house out of their surplus. Now we’re finally getting things that are ours and we love. The office is the last place that’s been getting some love, and I have some pretty grand ideas for it, all from pinterest of course.

home office decor ideas :: www.hayesdays.com

I’m in love with pieces of each of these designs. (Look for more ideas at the pictures’ sources by clicking on the image.) I have the IKEA Expedit shelves and I hope to keep them. They’re perfect for tons of storage. The third picture and the sixth picture have the feel of my house. I can’t wait to bring some of these ideas to life in my office!

How to you organize your home office?

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  1. I have like an entire day of organization and then I start to get to work….and it all falls apart. I have yet to learn the art of putting things away when I'm finished with them. 🙂

  2. I have yet to get to our office. I am still working on our living room. I have to take it one room at a time! But I can't wait to get to the office. I want to have the cubby shelves too. I love your inspiration pictures!


  3. Oh my I was so excited when I saw you did this post cause I love interior design not to mention offices especially. We don't have a proper second room for our office but we have this extra cutaway space behind our living room area where we set up our bookshelves and desk. It works for now but I can't wait to have a room for my own library. I love searching through pinterest for now

  4. Thanks Nikki! We've been taking it one room at a time too. I'm happy to say our kitchen/living/dining area (it's all open) looks pretty decent finally! Our office has to do so much, we decided to tackle it next.

  5. The fourth picture is all about having an office in a small space. Those inspiration pictures are the best! I love moving furniture around and making simple changes to decorate for the season and stuff. It's my favorite too!

  6. Ah yes! Sometimes I think small spaces are a curse to work with but then sometimes I appreciate that it makes us be pickier about the furniture and look we go for in general. I love decorating for the seasons!

  7. Yes, making your home your own does sound terribly exciting! I love the second and third images, and I hope you share some before and afters of your office transformation!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I enjoy the clean white, sleek look that's popular now, but the 3rd / 6th pictures are definitely more of what I would gravitate toward, too. I can't wait to see your transformation!