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Now that I’m back and refreshed from a long weekend in the mountains, I was having a teeny mental block trying to decide which idea to pursue for today’s post, but settled on sharing some of my Pins that are the inspiration for our new coffee bar. The bar itself is a current work in progress that I’ll share when it is finished, but we did get this first component Sunday on our way home at one of my favorite places in Georgia.

It is no secret to our family and friends that the hubs and I love coffee. Corey proposed to me in a Starbucks. That’s how addicted we are. So when people know there’s something you LOVE, almost every gift revolves around that. Our friends and family are constantly bringing us back mugs and cups as souvenirs and gifts. By no means is this bad, but we have accumulated so many mugs to the point where they no longer all fit on the glasses and mugs shelf. Let’s put it this way, we could both get a clean cup every day for our coffee for the next month without having to wash a single mug. When images of coffee bars started floating around Pinterest, I immediately knew that would fit our needs.

Coffee Bar Ideas ~ www.hayesdays.com
All pictures used in this image are credited below

These are some of my Pinspiration images:

Coffee Bar Ideas: From the cream to my coffee
From: the cream to my coffee (Ashley is adorable, you should be following her.)

I really loved the shelves in this image. My grandfather-in-law didn’t want me to have shelves in my kitchen when we built the house, but now he thinks they look great and my mother-in-law has shelves now. I would like to continue to have shelves on the little 38 inches of wall space for the coffee bar to tie it into the kitchen.

Coffee Bar Ideas ~ from the vintage wren
From: { the vintage wren }

This image I liked because of the rustic-ish. shabby chic look. My house doesn’t have an exact style, but rustic is definitely one of the predominating elements.

Coffee Bar Ideas ~ from caught in grace
From: caught in grace

The dresser. Simply put. I love it. The bright color doesn’t lend itself well to my decor, but I knew I needed a dresser for our space so that we would have enough space to store our zillion and one mugs.

Coffee Bar Ideas ~ from sea legs
From: sea legs

Most coffee bar DIY-ers took notes from the vintage wren and got that super cute rack from Hobby Lobby. This rack is great, but what I liked more about her take was the multi-use of the top. Mine will have to fulfill many roles too.

Coffee Bar Ideas ~ From my blissful space
From: my blissful space
*if you decide to pin any of these images, please do so from the original source*

From this image, I will be taking inspiration from the cute canisters. I love that she used chalkboard paint on them. Even though my canisters will be mason jars, they will get a coat of chalkboard paint and handwritten labels.

I’m excited to have made progress on this project I’ve been wanting to make happen for several months now. Do you have a coffee bar? Share your ideas with me.

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  1. My dream home would have a coffee bar and a bar-bar the same size. Haha. I love coffee as much as I do craft beer, so I wouldn't want to play favorites. 😉

    You have how many mugs?! Do you actually use them all or do you do like me and use the same favorite one over and over and over again?

  2. HAHA! I use about 12 of them on a regular basis and the hubs uses the same two. -_-

    I want a bar in the basement… if that ever gets finished… lol!