Heathered Jersey Dress:: Remixed

This is what I wore today. I really dislike what I wore today. Oh well. If I changed again I would have been unacceptably late to work. Last week when I wore this dress, I absolutely LOVED how it turned out. This week not so much. It was definitely warm. Definitely comfortable. Less than flattering though. For several minutes I stood there contemplating my cobalt tights instead of the black leggings with knee highs underneath. Cobalt leggings might’ve been a better choice. Maybe no belt? I don’t know. What I was pleased with in this outfit were the knee highs I wore under my leggings. Cheating at it’s finest. Elastic waistband and opaqueness of the leggings with the sheer foot of the knee highs. I received the knee highs from Kushyfoot, a company who designs unique knee highs and tights. Call me an old lady, but I like knee highs. I’m hot natured, so adding a full extra layer is a bit much for me. These kushyfoot knee highs have a neat design on the foot soles to “massage” the bottoms of your feet. Though I wouldn’t call it massaging, it’s similar to circulation footwear (ya know, like for diabetics) and it did keep my feet from getting tingly after wearing wedges all day. I’m excited to try the other items they sent me.
Do you have any suggestions for this outfit? Help me out. Where did it go wrong?
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dress:: Madewell (back in stock, similar) plaid shirt:: Old Navy necklace:: J.Crew (similar) belt:: Old Navy (very old, similar) leggings:: Old Navy knee highs:: c/o Kushyfoot wedges:: TOMS

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  1. I think the plaid under it is such a great idea! But I know what a bummer it is when you don't love the outfit you have to go around in the rest of the day… Major perk of working form home is that I can change any time without being late like I used to be 🙂 Maybe shoes the same color as your leggings/tights to create more of a column effect on the bottom?

  2. I hate the feeling of just NOT wearing an outfit that you feel good in…but we are our own hardest critics.

    I'm a lot less adventurous at this time of year, and usually just layer a cardigan on top of a dress.


    Something About That

  3. Honestly, I like this! But then I kind of like everything you wear. You have a way of putting clothes together that I wouldn't even pretend to know how to do. Basically what I"m saying is you could wear anything and I would be behind it all the way.

  4. I actually like this outfit on you. I think you look nice! But I do hate the feeling you get when you aren't happy with an outfit you are wearing…bummer. I received Kushyfoot knee highs too and they are AMAZING! lol. My feet (whole body) are always cold so they definitely helped keep my toes toastier.

  5. I don't think it's bad – I think it's creative! I hate when you don't love an outfit and you end up wearing it all day and feeling yuck 🙁 Anyway, I do like it! And those kushyfoots sounds amazing – I wish i had had some of those when I was pregnant!

  6. I love the dress! i would have worn it the same except without the shirt underneath and some black shoes. I think you did a great job mixing it up! 🙂 I love you blog btw, I just found it and can't wait to read your future posts!


  7. Very cute dress! I like the way you styled it both times. I love to wear button up shirt under everything 🙂

  8. I like the idea of the of the dress and button down, as well as the belt, but I think the leggings and shoes take away from the top…I think knee socks and brown or black riding boots would be really cute here.

  9. Knee highs with leggings? Why have I not thought of this before?! I really like the plaid button down under this dress, you should definitely give it another shot!