FriDay: Five on Friday Link Up!

This is my very first Five on Friday link up with The Good Life blog. It won’t be my last either!  Here’s the excitement from this past week:


It’s my first week of blogging! What’s more exciting than that? Well… these other four things that kept me away from the keyboard Wednesday and Thursday this week.


The 7th was Corey’s and my 4th wedding anniversary! We are old folks and like to be in bed early so we swapped presents on Wednesday so we could enjoy dinner at Carrabba’s on Thursday. As creatures of habit, we went to our place, ate the same thing we get every year, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. He hit a home run with the presents this year, as always. Can’t wait to sport these in January!

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My childhood (and adulthood… well foreverhood) best friend surprised us all with a visit this week. The reason this is a big deal is that he lives in Taiwan. With almost 3 years between visits and 10,000 miles between us, it’s funny to see that we still ride the same mental wave length. I was out until 2:30 AM on Sunday night. The exhaustion this week was totally worth it.

~FOUR~ is one of my favorite Disney resource websites. Steph was having a writers call last week, so, of course, I applied. The surprise was that I was selected! I can’t wait to be a part of the magic over there!


Work has been a bear this week, so the fact that this will be my last day here this week makes me happy happy happy.

What’s been making you happy happy happy this week? Share!

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