Four Inexpensive Ways to Decorate for the Season

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We all have that relative that changes their decorations for each and every season change. I did not inherit that trait. My own home is kind of season-less, but there are four things I do to freshen up my decor on a budget.

ONE:: Throw pillows
Throw pillows are a great and inexpensive way to change your decor for the seasons for a few reasons. First, they store great in space bags because they vacuum up small. Second, they don’t go out of style from year to year. Third, most pillows and covers don’t cost any more than $25. Also a bonus is that spring usually works for summer and white works year round. Here are some winter picks:: one two three

TWO:: Seasonal food and flowers
Of course seasonal flowers are an obvious choice, but foods are great too. You can get some amazing deals at farmers markets too. For spring and summer, I love decorating with lemons, limes, and avocados. Fall is a great time for decorative gourds and pumpkins, of course. Winter is a great time for oranges, grapefruits, and pomegranates. All of these items can be bought by the pound for just a few dollars when in season.

THREE:: Wreaths
Most folks think of these as a strictly winter but there are great tutorials for burlap wreaths for spring and summer. My fall and winter favorites are these fun yarn wreaths. They’re a great way to bring in color. The supplies to make them are inexpensive too. I made my last yarn wreath for about $12.

FOUR:: Candles
Where you might think candles are not decor, they are a great way to bring in color in some instances and a way to bring in smells of each season. This winter I chose Old Factory candles. Old Factory candles are hand poured, soy-wax candles made in the US.  I chose the winter wonderland (which is currently unavailable, but keep checking back). The scents are roasted chestnut, hot cocoa, and fresh snow. All of the smells are premium quality. The fresh snow is the clean smell, hot cocoa smells warm and edible, and the roasted chestnut is the manly smell in my opinion. The packaging is perfect for my all year rustic-farmhouse-traditional-mid-century hodge-podge of a home. Though they are smaller than I expected, they still pack lots of smell. All three smell great together too. They have a 20 hour clean burn time. I can’t wait to try the fresh and clean in the spring and the fall harvest box next fall. At $25 a box, they’re the perfect price for gifting too.

Do you change your decor for the seasons? What method of the four above is your favorite to decorate with?

Though I did receive these amazing Old Factory Candles courtesy of Brandbacker as compensation for sharing my opinions, they for sure can’t be bought. Honesty is the best policy.
*Disclaimer:  I was provided with a sample of this product free of charge, for review purposes.  This did not alter my opinion of the product and the opinions I have expressed in this post are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the United States Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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  1. I have a candle addiction! I change the scents with the season and Bath and Body Works always gets me with their 2 for $22 deal. I can never find any pillows that are reasonable, but your picks are great.

  2. My great aunt used to switch COUCHES for the seasons. It was crazy. She redecorated so often. I'm with you. Tiny touches are so much easier.

  3. Target so often has coupons for their pillows and throw items as well as being pretty inexpensive. Candles seriously are the easiest ways to decorate!

  4. I loooove candles! My husband and I aren't always great at remembering to buy candles, but when we have them, we light them all the time! They just smell so good and make our home feel cozier 🙂