Five on Friday

I decided to do a five on Friday this week because my original post scheduled for today wasn’t ready and I was too close to a full five day week of blogging to NOT succeed! So here are my five on Friday for this week:


After adding another statement necklace last month to my choices from J.Crew, I completely understand how people can become obsessed with their designs. Their necklaces are beautiful and super versatile to boot! I got this one for this month’s pick on Monday and have already worn it twice. I see many more wears in the future for this one. It does look more gray in person, but the colors are fit for spring.
Crystal and carved stone necklace


Just two more months! I cannot wait to be in Disney World for the first Star Wars Weekend this year! We caught the end thanks to our cousins last year and we were hooked! It’s so much fun. Parades, actors, shows, characters… so much to do in just one weekend.
Walt Disney World Star Wars Weekends 2014


 I was able to try these new pants on last week when I went into the store. J.Crew replaced my beloved Cafe Capris with the new Campbell. A full comparison post is in the works, but here’s a little secret: I love them! Look for a full write up next week.
Campbell capri in stretch cotton


We cut the cord on our cable this week! It’s been so liberating and refreshing. All that money is back in our pockets! The little device that’s been a big help in this change is the Roku. My husband decided that the Roku 3 would work for us best because it automatically updates when Netflix does, it’s fast, and has motion sensors in it. Our amazon prime video, Netfix, huluPlus, and Aereo all come through the lovely little device. There has been a slight adjustment period, but that extra cash makes it all worth it!

 Roku 3


It’s been a looooonnnnnggggg week and it’s finally Friday. With Spring Break upon us and everyone else taking a break, I’m having to pick up some extra time at the office, so this is me right now:
not sure if headache from too much coffee or
What’s been up with you this week? It has been a long one after all.

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  1. Glad to hear you love the necklace and the capris. I am working to save for our trip to NC this month, so I didn't order the necklace. (Got the stripe sleeve tee in black/grey instead).

  2. YES TO ROKU! We used to use one in the living room, but now we use XBox for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO. We got the Comcast Internet Plus deal where you cut cable but get Internet and HBO. Our Rokus are now in the bedrooms, still being awesome. 🙂

  3. The fact that you have a Disney tab at the top of your blog makes us new best friends. Just saying!

  4. Haha! Thanks for commenting Danielle! I have a *slight* Disney addiction, to say the least.

  5. We're in love. That thing is the best! My hubs thought about getting an XBox, but we're not much for playing video games beyond our Super Nintendo. It's helping up get other things done around the house not having TV to lock us in.

  6. REBEL ALLIANCE WHUT! It is the second most fun you will ever have in Disney World. First on my list is the Food & Wine festival.
    I saw the fabric flowers one you were wearing the other day. I lourved it! So pretty. It almost looked like it was attached to your top.
    I was surprised how much the alternative services were offering. My husband is also venturing into the world of torrents for his shows… lol.

  7. You should see my dad's third Christmas tree, all Star Wars (the other all Mickey and the third a Disney mix). I need that necklace too, so pretty!

    xx Cara

  8. Wow, I numbered those all way off, three trees in total lol. Blame my work fried brain:/

  9. Dan plays video games while I'm away on business trips, and while I'm studying. I don't own a game! LOL

  10. LOL! I totally understand. Sounds like your dad and I could talk quite a bit of star wars and disney. ;P