Five on Friday

This has been the week of perpetual Mondays. I’m so glad it’s over, but I have a busy weekend ahead! Here’s a recap of the craziness that happened this week:


I spent last Friday through this Monday in South Carolina helping care for my grandmother. She does amazingly well for her age, but she is awaiting neck surgery at the moment. We find out today if she can have the surgery and when.


We had an office meeting at work this week. It’s amazing how productive office meetings make me feel, even though I come away with a fresh to-do list.


While I was gone, this pile accumulated at the house. My husband sent me two pictures, one of which he captioned with, “It’s growing. It’s ALIVE.” Our texts while I was away this past weekend were very adorable, if I do say so myself.

 photo E6A24D1B-A0F5-47D4-821B-B4BA064A23EA_zps6gj0mwyc.jpg


Many people don’t like the cooler weather when it invades the south. I, for one, LOVE it! Sweaters, coats, tights, leggings, layers… these are some of my favorite things.


 photo A3A1C79E-C231-49A0-82E9-4F146E7C394C_zpsue6cwyhu.jpg

Look what I made! This week I started my first Skillshare class, LovePhotoApps. I am learning how to make cool photos using JUST my iPhone! You can see what I’m creating by following me on Instagram and see what my classmates are creating by checking out #1photo10ways. Sign up to take this amazing class through this link:

Are you looking forward to anything fun this weekend?

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  1. I love the "ALIVE" pile. If I was away I imagine our house would look the same way with a gigantic stack. 🙂 Hope your grandmother is well.