Five on Friday!

As always, it’s been a busy week in the Hayes home! Squeezing in time for my five on friday! Here goes:


Last Friday, Corey and I had a pretty Disney-fied movie day. I finally saw Wreck It Ralph. There isn’t a cuter movie out there. The story is so sweet, though it made me feel like a total nerd. Corey saw Brave for the first time. We ended the day at the theatre seeing Frozen. Oh my word that movie is amazing. Everything about it is beautiful. Two-thumbs up from us!

 photo CDB64F76-C94B-48F5-90B7-5F996C586AAC_zpsixkn4ztm.jpg


Last Saturday my adorable honorary little sister married her best friend and I was privileged to be in attendance! Of course it was Disney themed with subtle, tasteful hints of Snow White. She decorated with apples and candles. I’m so excited for her! (She’s the blonde. The other is my biological sister. )

 photo 738AC282-C052-4E01-8C26-9B978EA70F3F_zpsobfp8qdm.jpg


Less than 30 days until our next trip to Disney World. Our Magic Bands came this week for the trip. Serious Disney-brain has set in already.

 photo 7BD75E01-2985-4556-BFB7-3D6A12D7440B_zps45atpkde.jpg photo B9E0191C-8D28-4D47-8317-75AEB7587DCD_zpslryl4tkb.jpg


My awesome boss gave me this adorable notebook this week. Obviously, she knows me well. She shared with me where she got them, so now I discovered these expertly themed Limited Edition Moleskines. Star Wars, Lego, Disney, and more– these notebooks and planners are so unique and well made in Moleskine tradition.

 photo 312BEF92-98B6-4AD1-AA3A-F6BADE712CEA_zpsxjwwx4md.jpg


For my last Five on Friday post I talked about the Love Photo Apps Skillshare class I’m taking. This week I “graduated.” The image above I created with the apps discovered in the class. My full review will be posted next week, but I can already tell you it’s well worth taking!

 photo 06B9938D-3401-4DC1-AC27-B9D4754E14D2_zps6oz9scap.jpg

How has your week been? Let me know!

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  1. We went into the moleskin store in Soho when we were in NYC and it was so perfectly amazing.

  2. I found you via my SIL… Lori Ray on Pinterest. You are too cute and Disneyfied, which is right up my alley. I found myself scrolling through ALL your photos, then signing up for Posh mark and wanting to be in your secret Disney Club. Very nice…thanks for the smiles and fun. Courtney

    1. I follow you on IG now! Disney creates one of my favorite instant bonds! I'm so glad you're here! Thank you. <3